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Had my ablation done last week,and other than the odd ectopic a few times a day have felt fine, however one question I have is, I'm currently taking 1.25mg bisoprolol, but my HR is in the 80's and dosent seem to be slowing down.

Now I know my heart is irritated and it's only been a week, I just thought the meds would've brought it down more.

Incidentally I'm waiting to see GP today as on discharge notes it says after a week up bisoprolol to 2.5mg if no problems taking it, maybe this will do the trick, as they did say in hospital I'm on a baby dose😂

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  • Juggsy. please don't worry about that HR. Raised heart rate is a common side effect of ablation. Mine sat around 80-85 for several months, probably at least six before gradually returning to a more normal 70. Nothing at all to worry about.


  • Me too.

  • Mine was much higher than usual for a few weeks too. Good thing, as it used to be a bit low. While it gradually dropped, it hasn't gone right back to what it used to be, fortunately.

  • When I go to bed at night, after climbing the stairs and getting into bed, I get a short run of quick beats, I wouldn't say irregular although they feel that way due to the speeding up

  • Mine's at circa 85 and I'm on 5mg bisoprolol and 125mcg digoxin.

    As Bob says don't worry about that. Still very early days.

    BTW I was told that the best way to start bisoprolol is on 1.25mg and only step up 1.25mg at a time. Typically takes up to 3 to 4 weeks to stabilise.

  • Hi Juggsy.

    Congratulations re the ablation.

    I've just joined the site . I'm considering ablation with Dr Earnst at the brompton for Intermittant AF.

    Best if luck with the recovery

  • Yep, mine was 'up' after the first procedure, 75ish. With me took a week, 10 days and it came down to it's normal 60ish. The second 'touch up' didn't alter it. I would personally give it longer before increasing Biso, but that's just me.

  • Hi, I had my first ablation last Nov, and so far so good. I have continued to get bouts of ectopics though. My heart rate went up after the ablation, and I have been on 2.5 Bisoprolol. My Cardiologist told me it is usual for the heart rate to rise a little after ablation, but it settles down over time, which mine has done, to around 70, so I wouldn't worry.

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