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Thank you to all who replied with helpful words after my post on palpitations. It has reminded me that I am not alone in my anxieties, and I will be ok.I can live with a few heart blips, which I guess are nothing compared to the horrific fast AF I had pre ablation. I have busied myself to take my mind off it all for the most part. Although I have tried to find some sort of pattern as to why and when I get the palpitations, there doesn't seem to be a pattern as yet - random!

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it's great that you are feeling less bothered. The forum is a wonderful source of support.

In almost twenty years of occasional palpitations I never found any reason for them to occur. A couple of years ago we had a discussion about supermarket lighting. I was wandering along the aisles when my heart first played up and went astray. I've had no palpitations for six years - they were replaced with AF - but now I'm getting them again!


Great positive post Tessybear. Trying to find logic and patterns of arrhythmia behaviours is only cause for more stress and misery, I think - heart rhythm disturbances seem to follow their own capricious moods.

I too do my best to ignore them and repeat 'this too shall pass' - so far, so good - (until the next time).


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