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Hi all, haven't posted for a while as things have been going reasonably well since my ablation last Nov. I've had palpitations / maybe ectopic beats every so often for months now. I had a monitor on for a week a few months ago that picked up two 20 second 'rhythm disturbances' as described by the cardiologist. Don't know what that meant but he said he was happy with things and I have a check up appointment in Jan. Over the last few weeks these have started getting more frequent, especially as I wake up or at night. I can feel anxiety about this building up, so thought I would ask my friends on health unlocked for a bit of reassurance . I know anxiety breeds more palpitations so I need to stop worrying - easier said than done!

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I think that what you are describing is similar to my experience post ablation. I have never been aware of " palpitations" as such. My AF manifests itself as feeling rotten and weeing a lot.

However, I am now aware of sudden thuds and chaotic beats for several seconds. Then nothing. Perhaps my heart is trying to go into AF and not succeeding or is this what others describe as ectopics?

In the past these things may well have been ignored or not even noticed BUT now, like us all, I am very heart aware.

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My 2nd Ablation only back in June 2016. Since then no nasty AF incidents. All I feel sometimes is a short 'flutter' when I am sitting down watching TV which last approx 1 minute or so. I assume like jennydog it's AF trying to 'kick in' and failing. (let's hope this continues to fail). I also am confused whether these are ectopics. I understand they can effect most , even non AFers, and those with or those no longer with AF are more aware of their heart beat and tend to feel them more. I read they are described as a kick or a thud as the heart pumps the extra blood that the previous shorter heart beat failed to pump. I don't feel anything like this. Tessybear, not much help in your case, sorry, I understand your anxiety.


Anxiety over heart awareness is a problem for me too. I have the same type of short, elusive wobbles and have not had an ablation. They leave me slightly breathless and feel like an ectopic, followed by some rapid beats and end with a great thumping ectopic.

I have been able to stop the ectopics with slow, controlled breathing. Relax, breathe only 6 breaths a minute using your diaphram for at least 5 minutes to calm the vagus nerve. I find it helps to continue for up to 10 minutes if the ectopics are bad as, with me, the ectopics seem to be triggering the problems.

Hope it helps - it certainly is a calming exercise.


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