DABIGATRAN- bleeding

Not had a good time recently got new glasses that didn't seem right,girl said to persevere with them a few days.First afternoon cut through finger (index) it was deep and would not stop pumping blood strapped and taken to casualty. 4.5hrs still bleeding sister had to use a tourniquet to stop it while she stitched it.Drs don't seem concerned at Gp about lack of clotting. Had to wear high sling for 48hrs.Any comments re clotting on DABIGATRAN 100mg Bd.

Stitches out but finger dead and can't bend it :'(

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  • Well it certainly is working. Not a lot else to say really.

    If your finger feels dead you may have damaged the nerve as well but hopefully it will recover.

    The nerves run along the side of the finger so if the numbness is not recovering you should query whether you need a nerve repair. Hopefully it will improve though.

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