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Heart Failure Nurses

Yesterday I met my heart failure nurse. What a delight to have someone who knows all the ins and outs of my particular history and will be at the end of a phone and email if I have a query! A few times recently I have had symptoms and have had to decide between the drama of A&E and the wait for a GP appointment but I can now run any concerns past Pamela.

She was so thorough in her questioning, and had all my notes at her fingertips. She queried a dosage which my GP had changed and went off to run it past the cardiologist, chased up echo and dye test appointments and generally made me feel so secure, to such an extent that I, to my shock and embarrassment , burst into tears! 😪

My stiff upper lip wilted and I stopped pretending, as I do daily with my customers, that "I'm fine". I'm not. I'm scared, confused and trying to put on a brave face for my family and friends. Thank Goodness for Pamela!

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These people are worth their weight in gold arent they? Im glad you have got an anchor now. X


Hi POrtnahapp1e

I am so pleased for you, I had a very similar experience with the nurse consultant who "runs" literally the urgent chest pain clinic at Harefield, she exuded knowledge, confidence and practicality with a really sympathetic but no nonsense approach.

When I later met my EP he said "oh so you've seen Alison then" and when I replied yes he said "Yes she's trained most of the doctors in this hospital thank goodness"

I think it's easy for some to undervalue the specialist nurses and the amazing contributions they make to our care, I agree we should sing their praises loud and clear.

Be well



Some years ago I was patient representative on the BHF committee running the initial arrhythmia nurse specialist project and know how well trained these girls and boys are. MA level in most cases. Mine saved my sanity and set me on the path of helping others. A pole of EP consultants suggested that given the choice of another registrar or an ANS they would choose the ANS. Still not enough unfortunately as accountants don't always understand these things. (Present company excepted Ian. )

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I have one in Southampton (Fiona) I have only rung her two or three times over the years but I know she is there and will listen and advise. She is wonderful and makes me feel safe as I know she is expert in her field.

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