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Kardia monitor

Hi all,

You have all been very helpful recently after I asked for some advice on af symptoms. As I mentioned I had symptoms of lightheadedness and a fluttering heart on Friday night. I felt sick and had some chest pain. My Kardia said I had possible AF twice over a five minute period.

I am sure something was going on, but I've sent my ECGs that said possible afib off to Kardia for interpretation and they've just said that there was too much baseline noise, it was difficult to read, and that they don't know.

Does anyone else have afib come up when they're sure they are in afib, for a paid for analysis to then say 'rhythm: uncertain' 'too much baseline noise'?



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Try using a hand sanitiser or even lick your fingers before using it. Better contact gives better recording. My hands are so dry I struggle to get a decent plot.


Hiya Jellybean,

I haven't had that problem.

However, I do find the signal from my Kardia to my iPad can be weak and variable.

One thing I do is keep the Kardia close to the microphone end of the iPad.

The man demonstrating Kardia at the Patients' day uses hand sanitizer just as BobD said.

He also mentioned that using a tiny microphone can help amplify the signal, and he showed me one attached to the iPad he used for the demos. This may make it easier to position the iPad or phone comfortably for you. (For example, I sometimes need to do an ECG in bed, as that's where my symptoms kick off, as I relax to sleep).

When I first was finding it hard to get the Kardia signal picked up by the iPad (it kept stopping and repeatedly initializing), I emailed Kardia' Help.

They said the first thing to try is to take out the battery and re-place it (not replace it, just put it back in).

Because this has worked before with another device (not a Kardia), I tried it and it worked. However I still keep the Kardia positioned as written above.

I am still intending to get back to them but because the Kardia is working a lot better I haven't bothered yet.

If I were you I would email Kardia's Help and tell them what's happened. They should sort you out, and maybe refund your fiver too.


I have stung my alivecor (karia a) readings to my cardiologist. Didn't know there was an alternative. Are you in USA ?


You can email them to kardia's cardiologists and for £5 get a diagnosis/interpretation of the reading.


You have to keep completely still when recording, best to rest your hands on a table. Also keep away from other electronic devices/outlets. If your Kardia settings are set right it should tell you if there is interference thus saving anxiety and unnecessary expense. I personally think that Kardia is useful in demonstrating to a medic that you have a heart rhythm problem (which I can vouch for) but is quite dangerous in that you can become obsessed with taking readings every time you have a twitch! You know how you feel and if you have chest pain combined with other symptoms such as sickness, sweating and or faintness you should be calling 111 at the very least, do not waste time messing with your Kardia - speaking from bitter experience......


Many thanks! I'm not sure if something is wrong with my Kardia as it's barely picking up at the moment. Very frustrating if I'm having symptoms! If I have any of those symptoms I will call 111, thank you xx


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