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Could do with some feedback, please

Does anyone have any experience of the Bristol-based EPs? I heard Glyn Thomas speak at a Patients Day a couple of years ago and he seemed, as an AF sufferer himself, to know how it feels but there are a couple of other EPs whose credentials seem very good.

What I would really like is to be guaranteed continuity of care rather than being passed between different EPs whom I hadn't even met until they did my ablations. I intend to get a private appointment rather than wait another 5-6 months for a take your pick NHS consultation with one of them so it would be good to have other people's experiences if at all possible.

Thanks for your help.


ps: looks like I'll have to give this weekend a miss as I'm still tachycardic, albeit sinus tachy (ECG done at GP surgery yesterday) and feeling pretty rubbish.

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I heard Glyn Thomas speak also. I was impressed with him and think he is very approachable and understanding. He seems cautious which is no bad thing when dealing with people's hearts, better that then having a cavalier attitude.

Not sure about continuity of care these days as the medics are under such pressure. There seems to be more of a team approach. I found that to be the case after paying for a private consultation initially. Once back in NHS system I was back to the team approach.

I guess if you pay privately for the consultation and subsequent treatment then you can get continuity of care from your chosen medic.

I hope you find him to your liking as the relationship between patient and medic is crucial as we all know.

Good luck and hope your heart settles down again very soon.


Thanks meadfoot, I guess we must have been at the same Patients Day. I was really impressed with Glyn Thomas' talk so he's one of the EPs on my list for sure.

I'm only going for the consultation privately, then back to the NHS for subsequent care I hope.


Hi, I have seen Dr. Edward Duncan at the BRI and he did my cryoablation on 8 September. I've been feeling brilliant, touch wood, ever since. I went to him, initially privately, because several friends of a friend had been under him and spoke very highly of him. He is very approachable and inspired me with confidence, plus he is a very nice man. He put me on the NHS list and there was then more of a team approach, but I was still able to see him. My AF then went through a bad phase (in AF for 10 days) and so I saw him privately again and he expedited my appointment for the ablation. The care I received at BRI was tremendous. So, I have no hesitation in recommending him. Oh, I saw him privately at The Spire (Redland). Hope this helps. Tricia


Thanks Tricia, that's really helpful to know, it's why I thought it worth asking as first hand recommendations are invaluable when it comes to choosing who to go to.

So pleased to hear you've had a good outcome from your cryoablation as well.


I've seen two EPs in Bristol. The first delegated the work to a very capable nurse practitioner. The second was Dr. Ed Duncan who was very pleasant and discussed his thoughts on ablation and medication. He would be my choice.

I've written in the past that the North Bristol Lung Centre and the staff of Ward 27b at Southmead Hospital are the exemplars of care and professionalism. Can I now add Dr Martinovic of the Neurology department at Southmead who has been wonderful during and after my stroke this July. I've been so lucky to have been in their care.


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