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Fatigue so easily post ablation

Hi all, am 6 weeks post cryoablation ablation. It went well and I recovered well. Had 2 weeks off work and took it very slowly and did not do much.

What I am left with is a cough that is frequently hacking sounding and is there every day, some worse than others.

I also have fatigue especially in my thigh muscles when I walk up stairs especially.

Prior to ablation I was fit and active 52 yo with great leg strength from regular weights and cardio but not presently.

Can any other ablatees relate to this. Am back doing some very light weights and can walk the dog a long way but run out of puff and power at inclines

All thoughts welcomed

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All sounds quite normal to me. Three to six months for full recovery form my experience. The cough should go after a few weeks as well. Don't be dismayed. Listen to your body and act accordingly.



I had a dreadful cough after my ablation. I really thought that it would bring on AF such was the force of it. It must have been caused by the GA as I didn't have a TOE.

It can take up to 6 months to recover from an anaethetic. The main problem is the tiredness.


Any new meds? Betablockers give me a cough.


I still felt little shaky after two months; not totally my old self, but on the mend by three; - four months and I could see the light at the end of the tunnel...........nearly five months now, and I have pulled a muscle in my left calf after a rather too energetic couple of days!

Progress can be slow and brakes come on from time to time, but I think you will eventually see the light and the summit. Of course everyone is different and has different starting points/end points...... but my GP said 'six months to a year.' I said... You just mean recovery from AF?; He said.... 'Everything!'


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