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Co-dydramol and af

Hi was wondering if anyone has had problems with taking co-dydramol? I have paraxymol af and was prescribed these for back pain about 4hours after taking them hr went crazy,has now dropped to 90 erratic bpm usually 60bpm on Bisoprolol 2.5mg and Dronedarone couldn't get hold of gp or ep and as don't feel to bad decided to go ahead with holiday to Corfu, have just had a call from ep secretary today to inform me that I will be having 2nd ablation on 17th October so will continue to enjoy the sun for now.

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I take co dydramol with no ill effects, but we all react differently.


I take co-dydramol for a bad back, very infrequently, and haven't had a problem but as Lorna says, we all react differently... It could be a coincidence, of course. Good luck with your second ablation!


I too take co-dydramol for back pain no problems . Maybe it was a coincidence that's the thing when it's paroxysmal . Best wishes for your ablation Mary


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