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Missing beats ??

Hi, I am now 8 weeks post ablation. Have reduced my flecainide from 100 twice daily to 50 twice daily! Have been feeling generally good (chest pain subsided). Yesterday morning woke feeling strange, thought it was AF but checking my pulse found I am getting missing beats....what seems to be quite big gaps actually! Has continued like this since and I'm feeling a bit fed up! Feels like a nervous stomach not nice!!

Can anyone throw any light on this please, getting an occasional extra beat as well.



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This isn't sounding too bad at all, Christine, but it could take a little while for your heart to adjust to having less flecainide and it's just odd beats that you are noticing because you are extra aware. As long as it's just little wobbles, it may be OK, but if it's bothering you, perhaps your GP surgery might arrange an ECG sometime so that what's going on might be seen. You'll maybe have a 24 or 48 hour ECG before an EP appointment.


These are ectopic beats if you want to look them up in the search facility. We all get them! Try slowing your breathing right down with deep diaphragmic breaths at about 6 breaths a minute for five minutes. Works well at stopping them.

Still early days yet and lots to happen before the fat lady sings.


Thank you Bob, that's very reassuring. Had a nap after work today and got up with a steady pulse! Will try the breathing if it starts again! Watch this space!


That's how my A F used to behave but since my by pass surgery I have had only one period of A F which only lasted about 1 hour in the last 3 months. I'm just hoping that doing the op has altered something in the electrics of my heart.

I found that when A F struck the best way was to lie down relax and do deep breathing for as long as you can it did help

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