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We are flying to Amsterdam from Cardiff to start a river cruise. I would like to take the Kardia as my husband is in the process of waiting (and waiting!) To see the E.P. and all evidence helps. My question is, if I carry it in my handluggage will it be able to avoid going through the scanning machine as Im sure it wouldnt do it much good. Im not a very seasoned traveller so would appreciate some advice. X

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  • Even hand luggage goes through X ray machines along with mobile phones, wallets, belts .shoes etc. Why do you think it will hurt it?

  • Check with Kardia. Like BobD not sure why there should be a problem. It may already be on their FAQs.

  • I have taken with me overseas several times and it has been through the scanner and I have not experienced any problems

  • Ditto. I travel through airports at least twicee a month fr the past year. No effects

  • Hi thanks for all the answers. I was worried because in the user manual it says to avoid it being near strong magnetic fields and being technically challenged I thought the scanner might be just that. However it sounds as if all will be fine. Im going to ring Kardia just to be sure. X

  • I know only too well (unfortunately) from experience that what is often written in user manuals is not what was intended. Unfortunately often they don't use knowledgeable people to check them especially when it is an overseas company. Even American and British is different. I know as I worked for two companies who were American owned for over 37 years!!!

  • My has just been to Dubai and back with no problems. Had it in the hand luggage but it had its own separate basket for scanning along with laptop. All is fine.

  • Mine has been through the scanners over a dozen times with no problem.


  • Thanks Pat x

  • Hi Deodette

    I have mine attached to my pone and it has gone through loads of times- seems still to be working well. Hope you have a good trip!!

  • Ditto. I go back and forward to Ireland all the time and take mine with no problems

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