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Dose recommended for Dabigatron

During a recent review at my surgery, a small amount of blood, detected with a test paper, was found in my urine. This was present in follow up tests over a six week period spreading over a holiday that I took at that time. Further tests for something amiss, were all negative indeed as apparently are 95 cases in a hundred.

I read the leaflet enclosed with my Dabigatron prescription to discover that blood in the urine is a possible side effect and that dosage recommended for the over 80 s falls from 150 mg twice daily to 110 mg twice daily.

Although only 76, I started this lower dose and 3 weeks later during a routine review for kidney function there was no blood in the urine.

I am writing this post in case there are others out there who might find this useful.

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Very light weight people are apparently prescribed the low dose too ( not me!!!)

Thank you for such a useful post.

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I think this shows how arbitrary are some of the recommendations. We are all different and some edges are blurred.

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I weigh 120# and am on 150 mgm twice daily. Emergency room visit today for large amount of blood in the urine. Been on pradaxa for 2 weeks.


I am taking low dose Eliquis (2x2,5) though only 57 and not slim and am constantly bleeding mimimally (detectable with paper) since ablation in March. By now I am getting low in iron. Will change to Marcumar next week. If that does not work am quitting anticoagulation. Have tried three NOACs.


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