Digoxin as a 'stat' dose

My doctor has prescribed me to take 4x 125 microgram tablets of digoxin as a one off 'stat' dose at the start of an episode to try and bring the rate down. I am on 10mg of bisoprolol daily and am doing well at the moment. I was a little worried when I read one of your posts that said 250 mg was the maximum dose of digoxin. Has anyone else had experience of this?

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  • I had concerns but they told me that they have to do this to kick start it. I think that I had that dose that on day 1 take 1 but can't remember what I had as take 2 but then after that 125mcg daily in morning

  • Hi Kineton...I have just started on digoxin today actually...it says take 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening on the first day...then one daily afterwards..1.25 same as you....that was the instructions from the Cardio yesterday on the letter I handed into my surgery...SNAP!...Cheers Terry..

  • Thanks for that

  • Hi when I was in hospital I was given 3 x 500 over a day and a half which is the max loading does and was then on 125 per day plus Bisoprolol to control my heart rate until cardioversion. Cardioversion was successful and stopped drugs except Apixaban. After cardioversion I was told if I have AF that doesnt stop quickly to take a one off 500 of Digoxin and go back to daily dose of Digoxin and Bisoprolol. To contact cardiologist who would fit me in for a cardioversion any Friday!

    So yes the max daily dose is much less but they can give you big loading doses to get it into your system and get your rate under control.


  • Thanks for this as it gives me confidence to do this next time

  • Thankyou Heather that has put my mind at rest!

  • I was on 125 mg digoxin and 5 mg Bisoporol for some years but have now been changed to 10 mg Bosoporol with me being admitted to A&E with lung problems with tachycardia added in in the last 4 months. I do have lung issues as well so The doctors are blaming it on on that not on the change? I am not 100% convinced.

    BE well

  • So are you saying this is using digoxin as a PIP ( pill in the pocket) as some people use flecainide.? Was this an EP who suggested it, a cardiologist or your GP.

    On one occasion when in A&E I was given digoxin - can't remember dose, but when I went back into sinus rhythm an hour or two later cardio said it was "spontaneous" and the drugs I had been given only maintain normal rhythm but wouldn't terminate an AF episode. Every doctor seems to have their own ideas. If it's not in the AF guidelines I think I would question it

  • Hi Kineton 38. I have permanent AF and my digoxin dose is 375 daily. I've been on this dose for around six months.

  • Hi fairenough

    As well as your digoxin I was just wondering if you take any other rate control medication? I am on a low dose of digoxin and also take diltiazem. I was going to have my digoxin doubled recently but my diltiazem was doubled instead. I'm in AF 24/7.


  • Hi Marion, Yes, I'm on diltiazem slow release 120 twice a day. Earlier this year it was raised from 90 twice a day.

    My main problem is a consistent elevated pulse rate which has settled on this dose (so far).

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