A bit Worried

Hello all.

I had a TIA 18 months ago ,

I was successfully ablated last Nov and have monitored my rhythm frequently and has been perfect and still is.I feel great.

However today whilst driving , for 20 minutes I had problems with the vision in my right eye.

TIA never occurred to me, I called the optician to make an appointment.

if i looked at the reg plate in front then the two letters left of centre were fussy. Everything else was clear.

Things were also slightly surreal.

Hopefully its an eye problem.but would be grateful of some advise



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  • Are you anticoagulated Vinny?

    It does sound very like a small TIA, and advice these days is to be seen by a medic pretty much straight away.

    Presumably you're now symptom free, but you really should see your GP 1st thing tomorrow.

    Best wishes


  • Yes I am on Apixaban.

    Thanks for that I'll go tomorrow.

  • I think it best to discuss with both opthalmist and doctor as it may just be age related vision problems or even a migraine aura. I have had similar things which turned out to be gel related. As we get older the gel in our eyes becomes less fluid and can separate from the retina giving strange areas of blurred feathery vision for a few seconds as well as flashing lights in the edges of vision. The first time it happened to me I was convinced i had a detached retina but was assured is was quite normal.

    I presume that with your history of stroke you are anticoagulated regardless of the results of your ablation so I think a TIA unlikely.

  • Hopefully Bob.

    Luckily enough I have my periodic appointment with my EP next week.


  • What other medicines are you on?

    What is your blood pressure?

    You should see both the optician and your GP tomorrow. Given the choice go to optician first then GP.

  • all good advice above - mention that you are on Apixaban to the opticians too

  • I have just seen ophthalmologist about the Same problem been having what I thought where aura migraines for over two weeks but he did all the tests and says he doesn't think so he did the test on the gel but he said its fine just waiting to see what next move is just hope it's nothing sinester as am due to have ablation on 28th after a long wait I had loss of vision then flashing zig zag lines

  • Just looked up TIA now I'm scared

  • I think the sooner you get it checked out the better.

    I had problems with my eyes including fuzzy vision and it wasn't a TIA but I was referred to hospital immediately by my GP and fast tracked and had MRI scan and contrast CAT scan within hours as TIA was the first thought.

    It wasn't, it was something else entirely different, not an eye problem per se, but it was good to know it was taken seriously and TIA ruled out.

    Let us know how you get on.

  • I have the flashing zig zag lines and have had this for around 2 years on and off, never know when it is going to pop up. I had it two weeks ago and before that a month ago. it starts with eyesight being fuzzy and then the flashing starts for around ten minutes, it progresses exactly the same every time. I went to the Dr who said go to optician who did every test he could. He couldn't find anything and suggested migraine aura, said I didn't need to have an actual headache with this. Went back to Dr who doesn't seem worried, I have mentioned it to him lots of time over a few years and in fact went back to the optician just 3 months ago for the same thing, said to come back in a year. Please let me know how you get on at optician as I would be very interested, kind regards.

  • without being an eye specialist, but had this myself ( similar ) mine was brief , conjunctivitis maybe, is it still there, any pain in the eye,

  • In November '13 on a 20 minute drive my right eye lost vision and an opaque screen blinded me. I blinked a few times and it didn't clear and as I was almost at my destination shut it and parked.

    The sight was immediately restored and I went with my rambling group for a six mile walk.

    A week later when I mention this to my Doctor, she said I had discribed a classic TIA, she sent me for the barrage of tests which confirmed this.

    I had gone to the doctors for the cholesterol test results which where amazingly low 3.1

    On December 23rd I had my first bout of AF and a cardioversion in September which has been successful.

    A defective valve was discovered that I had from birth and that is being replaced on the 25th September and hopefully I will be good for a few more


    Incidentally I also thought my eye problem was the optician's sphere and had it not being for my wife saying to tell the Doctor as I was going out the door that evening nothing would have been said.

  • I had some events which I thout were visual migraine ( never had migraine before) but only in one eye. I went on to have 3 obvious TIAs and I now think the visual migraines were also small TIAs. I would at least go to your G. P. For advice. X

  • I lost vision in top half of my eye for about 20 mins. Optician said probably just tired and eyelid drooped. I was doubtful but left it. It happened again about a year later. Then another year later is I was diagnosed with AF. When I first saw EP he said he was pretty sure it was a TIA and I got sent to stroke clinic. They said it was too long after the event to diagnose but if it happened again to get it checked immediately. So I would ring GP and ask if it was advisable to go to a&e. At least see go asap.

  • I've had the zig zag precurser to migraine phenomenon off and on on all my life, starting in my late teens. Migraine runs in my family. Mother, sister and me. The zig zags disappeared for about 25 years, until I had my first ablation, 5 years ago (when I was 60), when the zig zags reappeared every so often, but thankfully without the migraine afterwards. Every so often they suddenly appear which seems like a blind spot at first, and then progresses into zig zagging for about 15 - 20 mins. After which I feel quite drained or hungover. I couldn't believe that they had reappeared after so long, but reading various posts it seems it's not uncommon after ablations for this zig zag to appear.

    However, this seems a different problem to that which Vinny has got.


  • Usually with a TIA you can see straight ahead OK but the surround is fuzzy, like you were looking through a tube. Your "surreal" description might just match that. Your symptoms could just be blepharitis however which can be sorted out quite easily with an eyelid cleansing routine. Best get it checked out anyway.

  • Sounds like Tia, especially since u have a history of this. If it is stroke related, u should go now to Doctor. There is a time frame when these

    Things happen that treatment is most effective. Good luck.

  • You know, it's probably just an eye issue but you really should go and get it checked out. Fortunately you're OK now. But as Oldcarol above said, the down side is pretty huge, i.e. it could be a warning sign of a stroke and you don't want to ignore that. Also buy some moisturizing eye drops at Boots and see if that helps, my vision doubles a bit when my eyes get dry and my eye person says that is very common. Also on the up side, if you're already on blood thinners you're doing really all you can day to day to avoid TIA/stroke.

  • I had this happen to me as well - a momentary blus of vision in my left eye and as I was driving it frightened the life out of me. Reading Bob's reply I was immediately reassured as a few years ago I went to the GP with a problem in that eye and was sent to the Eye Hospital where they diagnosed thickening of the gel in the back of my eye being the cause and making eye movement difficult. I had forgotten about this until I read Bob's letter and once again thanks to the AF site!!

  • Well folks , It looks like the good old TIA has struck again.

    I went to A&E today and had eyes checked and the stroke procedure. (CT scans etc ).

    I have an appointment with the ophthalmologist a week on Friday.

    It would have been sooner if it was suspected to be an eye problem. Therefore the

    " probability " is, that it was a small TIA.

    Needless to say i'm upset and gutted having gone for 10 months after ablation, in what seems to me to be perfect rhythm .

    Gutted, that even on Apixaban, in NSR and feeling fit , that my heart has thrown off a clot

    ( small though it appears to be ).

    Unless I'm in AF without knowing and have another ablatlion, then there is no more

    weapons left to use and I live in fear of the next one.

    Sorry it's not the best outcome

    Thanks for all your replies. They do help.


  • Anything like this is unsettling and takes the carpet from under the feet but Vinny, do hold the fear in check and allow a little optimism in. Hard to do, I know, as worries can be very real but they can turn out later not to be half as black as they appeared at first. It is only the opinion of the doctors you saw that it might have been a TIA - they had no proof. It could still have been a migraine aura, which can be very similar to what you describe and seems to be a very minor issue. TIA's are very unwelcome but if it was one, surely it is worth remembering that the T is for transient.

  • So sorry to hear this Vinny.

    I can imagine how difficult it must feel to come to terms with after being so well after your ablation.

    I wish you all the best for the future.


  • Hi I had trouble with my vision for months it was blurred then I had a Tia my doctor told me to have my eyes tested I did the results I needed reading glasses but once I was taking my meds and my blood pressure was under control my eyesight went back to normal had my eyes tested again and was told I had 20/20 vision but every now and then the blurred vision starts again some days my vision becomes blurred again and then rights its self I think you should check your blood pressure I also had excruciating headaches for months before I had a Tia hope thing improve for you

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