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Feeling a bit deflated

After my ablation, one month tomorrow, I very soon about two weeks, felt

my old self no af and hardly aware of my heart at all. Then began to notice

breathlessness on exertion, drying myself after bathing, folding clothes or

even being stood up too long. I feel Ive been careful and although I do

go out walking with the dog, hes getting on a bit and takes things very steady.

My breathlessness seems to have worsened quite a lot and yesterday out

shopping with my daughter, only sauntering, I felt an overwhelming

fatigue, if I dont sit down Ill fall down feeling, stayed with me for the rest

of the day and even this morning Im not exactly full of the joys of spring.

Wheres my new found energy gone and will it come back, I had started

to make plans and now just dont know. I have really been careful and

although I have got back to doing my normal things I have rested and

been going about things steadyly. Shirley.

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Shirley, that's just how Carol and I have been. Last week I was told that I could expect blips in the 1st 3 months but that the 3-6 month period would prove the effectiveness of the ablation. I had no effects at all for the 1st 8 weeks beyond bouts of chronic fatigue. I can do half an hour in the garden and then have to have a rest before I start again. That's exactly what I' m doing now after shovelling compost.

The first thing I learned in the ghastly Latin classes at school was "Festina lente" which translates as "hasten slowly". It's a good motto for all of us!!!!!



At my school is was"Tempus neminem manet"

Time waits for no man...

There you are Jennydog not the only one who did Latin....



Illigitamese non carborundum. Don't let the bastards grind you down.

Seriously Shirley it is very early days yet so nil disparandum.


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This mirrors Jennydogs and my own recovery so don't worry unduly...Carol...


That sounds as if Im pretty normal which is good news, but I hate feeling

so tired I had just got used to having a bit more energy. Anyway my husband will be pleased Im normal as he would say I never have been before.

Thanks girls Shirley.


I am also feeling the same after having a Ablation and Pacemaker fitted just over 4 weeks ago. I have no energy and feel so tired all the time.I am also quite breathless .I wonder if it is all the medication that I am taking as I certainly felt much better sooner after my 1st Ablation.


As all the wise folks before me have said.... ups and downs. the only thing I'd add is don't think you've done anything wrong! There are ups and downs that is all. In my work, I must add my clients are all suffering from the NOvember blues of weather, rheumatisme.... hang in there. Courage


Thanks to everyone for words of comfort, Im a bit bemused by Bettergrace

having ablation and pacemaker I never thought having both at the same

time was an option. Im still taking the same medication as before my

ablation, 1.25 bisop and 20mg rivaroxoban. Makes me realise how much

I dont understand about af. I guess Im expecting too much too soon.

Thanks Shirley.


I am 3months out and have had the same experience. Wish I understood what was happening in my body.


Hi Kjporten, well Im much the same but trying to live with it, just going

with the flow. I do a job or two and then have a rest, thank god for the

internet to keep me distracted. I so wanted to go into town today but

I just dare not risk it. Never mind there are so many people worse off.

Keep smiling.


It could be your meds or generally just run down?? Chin up


I woke up after my Ablation to be told I had a pacemaker fitted due to complications.


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