Tambacor V Generic Flecainide

Good morning all

As I posted yesterday the frequency of my PAF has increased.

One theory I have is that for the past 3 months I have had to take generic Flecainide as more than one pharmacy has stated that they can no long source Tambacor for me. I have taken this drug for more than 20 years to control my AF.

For those who are unaware Tambacor was the original branded Flecainide and for many years the only Flecainide.

I found previously when generic drugs first hit the market that I went into AF more frequently. I asked the doctor to specifically prescribe Flecainide.

Since this recent lack of availability my AF has clearly become more frequent from once every 4-8 weeks down now to every few days.

Any thoughts or comparable evidence would be appreciated.


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  • My pharmacist assure me that the active ingredients are the same although there may be differences in the fillers , the non active bulk if you like. Remember that AF is almost always progressive and for years people used to think that flecainide stopped working after a while. Since is is not like a drug which has receptors in the body which multiply and demand more drugs (opiates etc) it can't stop working as such , just the AF has got worse and the felcainide can no longer control it.

    I switched to propafanone very early on my AF journey as my EP did not like flec and have had many trade named versions with no noticeable differences.

  • I take your point Bob but I to me having taken Tambacor for so many years with AF control it is a strange coincidence that thing have changed for me at the timyI have had to change to the generic version.


  • Do you have one of the old Tambacor leaflets to compare the contents with the generic one.

    This has come up before circa 6 months ago.

  • Found it on line and will have a look.


  • The internet is so useful - what did we do without it?

    When buying something on Friday assistant asked for my email address and I said nnnnnnnn@LineOne.Net and she said that's a new one I have not heard before. I said no well actually it's an old one that I have had for about 25 years and she said oh that long!!!!

  • Hello Peter

    I have had a look at both and as Bob has said the ingredients look the same but of course I don't know the proportions of the other constituents.

    As I have said before it is a strange coincidence that after using this drug for so many years my current problems with increased frequency have coincided with having to take generic Flecainide rather than Tambour.

    Oh well I suspect I am clutching at straws.

    I am hoping that I can have a few days respite now and perhaps get a response from my EP when he received my letter that I am now about to compose.

    Thanks as always for your responses.


  • I suspect it may well not be a coincidence. See your GP and ask to be prescribed Tambacor.

    I am sure that a number of people on here experienced the same and they also asked for Tambacor.

  • It was about this time last year Peter when flecainide was in short supply and people struggled to get any version. As I pointed out at the time these shortages go in cycles for no reason other than logistics.

  • Pharmacy2u online has stock of Tambacor but only as a private prescription £20 for 60*100mg. So there must be some around. Ensure your GP writes the prescription as Tambacor and keep trying other pharmacies

  • Hello

    Thanks for checking the Pharmacy2u website.

    Yes my prescription was always for Tambocor by name until our local pharmacies said they could no longer source it. It was for this reason that my prescription was changed to Flecainide and of course I had to have the generic version.

    I will talk to my GP and also the Cardiologist and see what can be done. I thought I would also contact the UK Marketing organisation who distribute Tambocor

  • I have found health care professionals tend to be dismissive of our concerns re different brands. The only exception I remember is lanoxin v digoxin where they are absorbed differently. I have had all sorts of flecainide including Tambocor with no increase in AF episodes. Having said that I am at present reducing dose so maybe was taking more than I need. Only time will tell.

  • When I went to pick up my repeat medications from my usual pharmacy a couple of days ago, I saw they'd supplied Tambacor. Haven't had it for years, normally I have a generic Flecainide.

  • Yes I checked again recently and it is now available again. Apparently there was a problem with their European Factory but it is now also manufactured in the UK.

    I managed to get my prescription changed.

    Thanks for your comment

  • I've gone on the Tambocor now and actually feel worse than I did on the generic. The first night I was awake more than I was asleep. I lowered my dose (I'm on 150mg x 2 per day), to 100mg last night and had a good night's sleep. Tambocor appears to change how I feel in myself. Probably now a little anxious. It may be co-incidence, it may be Tambocor, I may get used to it. I may not.

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