Things going 'bump' in the night!!

Well, here was I yesterday really feeling I had got over any after effects of having an Ablation/investigation possibly 6weeks ago. Back doing my 'Neighbourhood Watch Walk' around the village, circular walk 1.6miles covered in 30mins, averaging 18.32 min/mile!!! Thanks to GPS Tracker!!

Ended up soon dozing off to sleep, then suddenly, just felt as though a Cardioversion had happened to me!! Woke up with such a massive jump (for the want of a better word), just felt as though I was suddenly being brought back to life!!!

Wow! Anyone else experienced anything like it?! Must say I am dreading going to bed tonight 😴 💤

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  • Yes I have these most mornings. Feels as though a donkey has suddenly kicked me in the chest. They make me Yelp and literally take a step backwards they are so fierce. Had them for last two or three years. Guess it's heart trying to go out of rhythm in my case.

  • Definitely agree, so frightening at that time.


  • Yes l have these periodically...Wake up with a start and my heart seems to pop/crack and I feel like a car that is being jump started if that makes sense...

  • Sorry Caromia, will go along with Meadfoot, thankfully your experience does not feel as traumatic as ours. With myself it literally felt as though I had been thrown to another position in bed!!!


  • This seems to happen when dozing, or shallow sleep, with me. Have to catch my breath as well. Seems more pronounced when on Bisoprolol, which I have mentioned elsewhere. Can be mistaken for Apnoea.

    I'm sure you're doing very well. Keep up the good work.


  • Thanks Phil, no bumps in the night last night!!!


  • I am so glad I am not alone. Don't want anymore of these either, but sharing your stories sure makes me feel better.

  • When we can catch up with what other A F'ers are going through, can be enouraging to ourselves, but unfortunate to the sufferer!


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