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one week in

Well I have been on my meds a week and im having up and down days.Every thing I do seems to make me a little sweaty for a while and every time I stand up im a little dizzy for a sec .Its all a tad scary as I didn't feel all this before I was diagnosed and I know I have low blood pressure. Really sad at the moment and hoping its just getting the meds right.Im trying to be optimistic but its hard.

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It takes time to adjust to the medicines - it can take 4or 6 weeks with some.

What are you on and what are the doses.


Im on apixaban 2X 5mg per day and bisoporol 2X 2.5mg also digoxin 25 micrograms one per day.i do go through periods of normal feelings and I sleep through the night so I suppose that's a blessing.


Well going from 0 to 5mg per day of Bisoprolol could easily take up to 6 weeks for the body to fully acclimatise and settle. Some may be lucky and settle in a coupled of weeks.


AF is very scary. I don't know one person with AF who hasn't felt very, very, frightened at one time or another. Finding coping strategies will help greatly. Deep, slow breathing techniques help, Mindfulness practices, yoga or even plain distraction by something you really enjoy doing is the answer as endorphins counter the stress hormones.

I also had very low BP when in AF. I had great difficulty on biso as it made me very breathless but the one thing it helped with was my BP - which is counter intuitive as it is a beta blocker!

Living with AF takes time to adapt to as although not directly life threatening it can be life changing and that takes time to adjust.

Very best wishes CD

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Hi Timpsonboy,

Like you, I'm on Apixaban & Bisoprolol (plus other heart meds) and had a terrible time adjusting. Dizzy, feeling totally slugged, out of breath, tired - but after reading the advice in the forum, I gave it 6 weeks for me to adjust - and things are much better now. Not perfect, but manageable.

It can be a bit scary, but reading through the posts here has certainly helped - there are many nuggets of wisdom here..... A recent find referred to deep breathing.... I use this regularly - slow, deep breaths at a rate of 4 per minute for a minimum of 5 minutes - a wonderful way to take the edge off things.

Good luck

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