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Just found this forum. I was diagnosed with AF a few months ago after taking ill last year. Had been rushed to resus with heart rate of 270-280 Bpm and all measures to reduce it failed so had cardio version

After wearing monitor for 2 weeks AF diagnosed and meds changed from beta blockers which didn't help to a med which had helped

However was given the option of cryoablation.... Decision left to me😱

Have lots of folk chosen to remain on meds or have most folk offered ablation gone with it ... Part of me wants to have the aviation to get rid if it the other part of me doesn't want to ' mess ' with my heart


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  • Hello and welcome to your world. Frankly it is a no brainer to me. A ,life time of drugs or ablation DOH!

    That said one must understand that ablation is part of ongoing treatment which may need repeating but it does stand the best chance of helping you and the sooner the better for best chance of success. You will need to be anticoagulated for some time before and possibly ever after dependent on other risk factors but most people find that a non event.

    Yes of course there are risks but risks in doing nothing as well. Go to AF Association main website and read all the fact sheets and especially the booklet on ablation so that you understand fully what is involved and then have that chat with your consultant.

    My story? Diagnosed 2004 after many years missed opportunity. Had ablations in 2005, 2006 and 2008 since when no AF. Still taking warfarin out of choice as other risk factors.


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  • I can only speak for myself but I opted for a cryoablation which I had just over 4 weeks ago and although it's early days, I have no regrets. You are right to be cautious and so was I. Having weighed up all the options, the decision was easy for me. The deciding factor was when my Cardiologist (who has a conservative view of ablation) said "if I were you, I would have a Cryoablation".

    I am sure you will get lots of views on this forum, and I expect the consensus will be to go for it, but you need to be confident in doing what is right for you......good luck, John

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  • Suggest you google "British Heart Foundation cryoablation" and you should find a YouTube video of the procedure.....might help!.....John

  • Thanks saw video a few weeks ago

  • Look at the main AFA website as they have a load of booklets and data sheets that you ca read online / download or get printed versions.

  • Thanks think just confused as new meds helping at mo so do I really. Want to go and have ablation? Know it comes down to me but almost wish had just been told right this is how we are going to treat you rather than could do this or that ?!?!

  • I understand your dilemma. Give it time, I am sure you will make the right decision, but bear in mind AF typically, is a progressive condition. Age is a key factor too, I'm old like Bob, if you are younger, you need to take that into account. We are not medically qualified, which is why we are careful in what we say but cryoablation is considered to carry less risk.

  • 43 😀

  • Hi there, heathp1. I'm afraid your heart may already be messing with itself as AF may cause the left atrium to enlarge.

    Long term medication can mess one up in all sorts of ways too. I regret taking medication for as long as I did and wish I had gone down the ablation route earlier.

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  • It's a difficult decision simply because of the fear well that's my story. I have had af for three years on meds fairly stable tiredness but if I rest when I am tired instead of ploughing on then it abates. My consultant who is the head of the cardiology unit said an ablation is a consideration but to see how meds go first. Also I have been in resuscitation four times before my meds were sorted out now a few ectopic but that's usual for many of us who do not have af. Look at Dr Sanjay Gupta's video linked to this Web site. It is something that you have to research. I am very optimistic hearing the success of ablation from people like Bob. I think some people just make the decision and run with it. Good luck Chris

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