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I have just emailed the patient experience team today requesting assistance with feedback of my experiences,and will report back when i receive a reply. I have wanted to do this for a long time, and was firstly too ill on meds and then too emotional. I don't want to target anyone but feel one or two people could have handled things so much better and i would like to give suggestions for aftercare - like the arrythmia nurses i hear some have in england as a go-between.

You don't have to complain - but you can raise concerns. There is also a Patients Association who will help you in this area. I feel we have to give feedback - look at the amount of people on this site who raise issues that need brought to awareness.

I hope i am less emotional about it now - but find when i discuss it that i am still upset and angry. Will do my best tho, can't leave it too long - they recommend within a year of whatever you wish to discuss. Will let you know how it goes!

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A good idea to get things out in the open. I received poor care about 7 years ago. This has resulted in a lack of trust and avoiding treatment, to the detriment of my health. Had I complained at the time, I might have been able to move on.


yes it is in my record that 'i am wary of medical procedures'. well i am. i just have to ensure i don't focus on what i consider poor treatment from someone doesn't become the focus, but then again would i want someone else to be treated similarly? This is why i have requested assistance with my reporting of concerns. Much could be done. The more feedback the nhs get the better, surely, not only negative, but positive too.

Sorry to hear about your experience and i hope this does help me feel i have at least tried to pass on info that may be of use.

The last thing we need is stress arising from poor practice, i know it had a massively negative impact on me and caused grief which could have been avoided. Thankfully it didn't end in disaster, but i do feel i can't leave it behind until i tell my tale to someone who can pass on some suggestions for the benefit of those to come.

Wishing you good health.


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