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Ablation for both SVT and AF together

Hi everyone, its been a while now, and have endured AF/SVT for just over 4 years. Once again I am going to see a EP in Sydney (flying down from a country town in Australia). I have tried various medications and have altered my lifestyle with diet and exercise. It has been pretty good really, but for the past 5 months the episodes have been on and off every two weeks. I am only discussing an operation because I am beginning to get fed up as I have tried everything I can. I am under a Cardiologist close to where I live who has referred me to the EP in Sydney who I saw over 4 years ago, after a short stint in Emergency just recently, with longer pauses recorded in the last 5 episodes. I was told that the two conditions are in separate areas and this would mean a longer operation so I am a little worried about this. Has anyone on this forum had an ablation for both SVT and AF together thanks.

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Hi Ultramarine. I'm afraid this site is playing up a little here in the UK and we are not getting messages to say that anyone has put on a new post, hence you have not had any replies.

I'm afraid I've never experienced having the AF plus SVT that you mention, so can't offer any help there. Just wanted you to know that the system is not working correctly.

Best wishes



Thanks Jean, just my luck I guess, maybe one of the administrators can sort this out in time.


No..but had one for at fib and at flutter together. Just took a little longer! Am still in three month recuperation period but on the mend.


Thankyou Lizty I will be checking up on complex arrhythmias before I travel to see him.


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