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Have both AF ablations failed?

Hi, I am now 10 weeks post second ablation and still suffering from multiple ectopic beats and had 5 AF episodes. Every little thing seems to bring it on. The EP is certain a third ablation is necessary. Problem is my ectopic beats are far worse than they have ever been. I used to have about an average of 8 episodes a year. After my first ablation I had 8 episodes in two months, than a second ablation with again more episodes. Ok, the blanking period isn't over yet but EP wants to do yet another one. All faith is gone and I am feeling more depresed than ever! He told me he never had a patient who finally ended up worse after an ablation. I told him, for now, I am certain I am heading that way.

Is it normal to have so many arrhythmias after 10 weeks? There is no real improvement since last ablation. Surely I should have some relief by now?

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Hi - Sorry you are feeling disappointed about the results of your last ablation. All I can say is 'Snap'.

Wishing you well.


Nikita, there are several members who have posted that they had AF for the first three months so do hang on in there!

It may be that your EP is cautious and does as little as possible each time. The EP I saw at the Brompton advised me it was likely more than i attempt would be needed as she takes this approach, preferring to have to do repeats for as many times as needed. Do keep us posted and good luck



hi nikita. i had my second ablation done about 5 weeks ago and im getting loads of queer ectopics also . so snap aswell. will probly have to wait another another 2 months then they will put me on waiting list again


I ended with worse symptoms after my first ablation , even it shows no more flutter at all , but I started having frequent SVTs with worse symptoms than the flutter itself along with groups of PVCs than before ablations

From my experience with ablation , result will be shown within the first two weeks , and will improve by the next three months.

Our hearts are unique due to our previous surgeries , but as you are aware I'm in the same place with you , heading the third ablation , I just had the second at first of April.

Let's pray it will be successful and bring us calmness to settle down and start thinking of other things in our lives :)

All the best dear , I will pray for both of us



Hi Nikita, so sorry to hear, and I can sympathize, I am going back for a 2nd ablation 8 weeks post the first one as the reaction was so intense and worse than before. I will keep posting here when I am out on the 22nd of May. My doctor is one of the best here so I am going with him again. This doesn't seem to be unique to us, so be of good faith! Hope things get sorted out for you soon.


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