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Ablation number 3 last Thursday

Thank you all for comforting words for my ablation last week!!

I am home now and wonder why I made all the fuss! I had a different EP for this one and the differences were worth the move and maybe methods have improved slightly in two years. I had entry points in both groins this time, no bruising or pain. Did have to lie still for several hours before the sheaths were taken out and that was painless, and gradually the bed was raised over a few more hours. I did wake with a sore tongue and still very swollen and the anaestheitist was summoned to apologise for that!

I had two nights stay post procedure and was so glad as the second night i had bit of AF and tachy for six hours. I did not cope with the upset of that very well, but it stopped and spent the second day resting before coming home. It is a common thing post ablation. If it happens agajn i have to go back to hospital.

So now doing as everyone advises. Very little for a week! I feel ok, just a bit breathlees when going upstairs slowly.

Fingers crossed it is third time lucky..EP was glad I had gone in for a redo as all four pulmonary veins had reconnected!

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That sounds OK - don't let the AF that happened worry you. I hope all will go well now and you'll make gentle progress over the next week or so.



Incidentally I was told nothing for the first week except to remote, phone and iPad (not a computer). Very little for the second week.

Good luck.

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So pleased all went well for you . Quite a relief to come through unscathed isn't it ?! Take it easy now and enjoy the summer weather .

Best wishes


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Thanks X


Really good to hear your news frenchgoose. Now make sure to treat yourself gently and let yourself heal :))

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How's it all going for you after your third ablation? I think you may have had yours around the same time as I had my third one. Mine was 6th July.



I am now into second week post ablation. I have to say I feel better than I did after the previous two ablations. Groins healed well and very little bruising! Chest a little tight when I am lying down so still sleeping slightly propped up! I get the odd ectopic which are similar to the ectopics I have always felt when hungry, eaten too much, bending over......but.......dare I say it - no AF!! I have been doing very little but living on my own there are meals to be made, bathroom cleaned etc, but not cut the grass as you did so early on! I have not been out on my own yet...that is this weeks task!!

And how are you doing? I did read you had been back to hospital?


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