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Multaq effective for me

I was diagnosed with Sick Sinus Syndrome - bradytachycardia a month ago and had a pacemaker implanted immediately. I was then put on Sotolol for a week, which did not control the high rate and afib. They changed to Metaprolol, which also did not control the afib. After a bad day of high rate all day long (140-150) and some low blood pressure, they added Multaq. Within half an hour, my rate went down to the 60-70 range (PM set at 60). Except for exercise, it has not been much higher for a whole week now. I'm getting an ablation in a month or so, but doing ok now. Did my strenuous 2-mile uphill bike ride today and heart went up to 130 but fairly smooth. That's what it went up to in the past for that ride.

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Good for you. Multaq is dronadarone --a derivative of amiodarone without the iodine made by Sanofi Aventis and was the great white hope a few years ago when it was released. Make sure you get you blood tests done regularly if you are on it for any length of time. as I believe it can affect liver function in some people.

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Thanks for the tip about blood tests. My Dr. is not particularly attentive and mostly considers me an annoyance, so I'm sure he's not thinking about that.


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