Well disappointed as yesterday I was in a shop when I started to feel my heart quivering so sat down drank cold water did my deep breathing and all went back to normal beats 63. This morning sneezed four times and my heart started to go fast. So I am wondering whether af is breaking through the meds. Rang af nurse to discuss had nearly two years of pretty good health. Here we go again. Should sneezing really start you off. Chris

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  • Hi Chris - I guess at times conditions in our body, BP, pulse, what we've eaten, genetics, what we're doing and goodness knows what else, can make our body more susceptible to a bout of AF. So annoying for you, but thank goodness your deep breathing helped. How are you now?


  • Hi Jean the same thing happened an hour ago just sneezed and off it went very irregular so sat up in bed and drank water and did deep breathing as well keeping calm not terrible but stops you in your tracks. Just phoned my af nurse and consultants sec as I like to get things sorted out asap. Not sure hot weather helping not slept well and tired but this is unusual. I have been lucky for months so just have to sort it out. Thanks for support Chris

  • try coconut water for potassium in case you are dehydrated in hot weather - may be sneeze stimulates vagus nerve so you are on right lines holding breath etc

  • Hi Jean....and how are you?....any improvement? John

  • Hi John - Thanks for asking. No, if anything it may have got a bit worse. I rang the heart nurse at the hospital where I had my ablation this morning and told her that my heart was still playing up. She asked me to go to my Surgery and have an ECG done and get it emailed to her. I rang my surgery at 1pm, got an appointment for 2pm and by the time I arrived home the nurse who did it said the hospital would of had it. This ECG showed my heart rate was flitting between 105 and 117. I'd personally put my rate as a lot lower than that. This morning I had a terrible ache just suddenly come in my back and then when I went to the surgery my heart felt really sore. I told the nurse, but she just smiled and said something like, oh dear. There was me thinking I must have had a heart attack! However, I'm still alive and kicking.

    How are you?


  • Ello Jean, sounds as if your rate has lowered a bit....maybe when this heatwave passes, it may drop even further, when mine kicked off last week it was around 110.....I'm fine now, 2 weeks and no further problems so far.....bruising much better too!! This may sound like the makings of a song, but occassionally I have an aching heart.....very mild and certainly not a problem......and not surprising either. Hope things move in the right direction for you.......John

  • My arrhythmia is controlled by drugs and get virtually no symptoms. But I sneezed heavily recently and low and behold my heart went bananas, just for about a minute or so, but quite badly. Back to normal now, but sneezing definitely set my ticker off.


  • Thank you Koll

  • If you are experiencing new symptoms that are uncomfortable or concerning, we would suggest that you visit your GP or consultant to discuss them.

  • Thank you Rachel I have spoken to consultants sec and advised to go and see him.

  • Chris, apologies for "butting in " on your conversation.......hope things have got back to normal after your sneezing wishes, John

  • Thank you John

  • Hi Im new to AF diagnosed just over 2 months, I have Paf and decompensated heart failure before I was on medication when I sneezed my af would stop for a few hours

  • Chris 147

    New to this AF issue. How do you get an AF nurse? No one has ever mentioned one to me.

    Would be so re assuring to have a nurse to contact when things are nt good or need advice.

  • At the hospital that you are under.

  • Mine af nurse is at the hospital I left a message on her answerphone and she got back to me today advised seeing the consultant going on Friday. Ask your consultants secretary I met her when I was admitted to the ward. Hope this helps. Chris

  • Thanks Chris. Will try and track my nurse down next week when I have my hospital visit.

  • Look on your letters / patients information / discharge summary.

  • Sorry to hear about this but it does demonstrate how different we all are. I have regular bouts of both sneezing and coughing - gone on for years since I had inflammation of the lung - never triggered AF though which now seems only to occur when I'm sitting down not dong a lot!

    As for the AF nurse, I obtained 'access' to a very helpful specialist Sister who is part of the AF/cardiology team at the hospital where my EP is based and my ablations performed. It is very reassuring to know that the lines of communication arein place, though presumably only lasts until one is finally discharged from the care of the EP.

  • Thank u kipperjohn - plan to make inquiries about nurse when I attend hospital next week.

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