I know I'm a lucky (and smug) so and so!

Someone recently wrote on here how difficult it is to get to see a GP. Well this morning I rang my surgery at 8am and was given an appointment for 9.30am. They did offer 9am but I was still in my dressing gown so I was offered the later one. I drove to my surgery which is a large detached house on the very edge of a village and parked in their car park (can always get in there). The lady GP I saw was smiling and full of life, fun and energy - a delight to visit! She listened attentively to what I said and I trusted her judgement totally. She prescribed two items and is sending me for a CT scan. I feel looked after and that the answer to my ailment is in hand. Why, I wonder can't all GP's surgeries be like this for everyone as this system certainly works at mine.

By the way, so far my 3rd ablation which I had last Wednesday has been a complete success.

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  • That's it Jeanjeannie, make up the spare room, I'm moving in :)

    Good news about your ablation.

    Kind regards


  • Can I come too :) good news about your ablation

  • Oh dear, I can see that I will have to keep my location a secret! Of course I could go to a nearer surgery that I can walk to (my practice has two). I have to walk alongside the harbour for 100 yards and up some steps. The surgery waiting room is mostly made of glass and overlooks the fishing boats in the harbour.

  • Jean you are so lucky, I tried for 3 weeks to get an on the day appointment but by the time I got through on the phone all the appointments were taken. When I complained I was told to call the next Tuesday as they were sure there would be an appointment that day but of course by the time I got through all the appointments for that day had gone. I hit the roof so they put me through to the practice manager who found an appointment for the following Friday, so in effect I waited 4 weeks to see the doctor.

    Having seen the doctor who decided she wanted blood tests before she treated me, they gave me an appointment with the nurse that was 17 days away. The blood tests took 8 days to come back and a follow up appointment was booked two weeks after where I was told I needed further blood tests. When the receptionist looked at her screen (yesterday) she found the first appointment was on the 8th of August.

    When the results come back I'm going to need to book another appointment to see the doctor to discuss the results so that's another 3 plus weeks before I get any treatment. It's going to be around three months since I started to contact the surgery because I had a problem, and of course its getting worse all the time and instead of being a minor hitch that should have been treated within a couple of weeks, it's now become significant problem.

  • That's just dreadful! If my surgery can work as it does then surely everyone else's can. From todays appointment I'm having a blood test and it's next Wednesday. Do you live in a large town or city?

  • I cant get a appointment anymore you have to ring the surgery and then the doctor can request to see you if not you see a nurse but you cant book an appointment

  • I can book an appointment for any blood tests up ahead, but I don't think I can for general ailments, have never tried to do that. We have to ring in the morning as early as possible after 8am and then doc will either ring us back a little later, or we get an appointment straight away for that day. It's good because sometimes I just have some questions I need to ask my doc and don't really need to see him. If it's his day off I'll either ring back another day or talk to someone different.

  • I live in a large town Jean, all the surgeries here are amalgamating, moving into larger premises, but cutting back on doctors, it's a nightmare. Three years ago when my AF was picked up you could always get an appointment on the day or even book one for a few days ahead, but now it's impossible and the doctors are rushed off their feet

  • That appears to be the way everything is going these days, no one has any time. Such a shame.

  • Can't you day it is an emergency? My surgery always has emergency slots on the same day

  • Ditto, and failing that there is a walk in centre in town that never seems as full as the surgery.

  • Some people beat the phone queue by being at the surgery when they open their doors. Dealing with them probably stops them from answering their phones.

    I was surprised how many were waiting outside when getting there early for an 8.30 fasting blood test.

  • Can I suggest you make an appointment now to discuss the results. You can always cancel it if you don't need it. Your surgery sounds very unhelpful. Also maybe a meeting with the Practice Manager to tell them how difficult all this has been for you

  • For all the time medical care can be so frustrating, it sounds like today made up for it! Go you! Glad you are doing so well!

  • Yes, some medical areas in my life are frustrating, having a conversation with my EP is a non event and after my ablation a follow up appointment doesn't happen. If I need to see him for any reason I have to do it through my GP. I envy those on here with an EP who really communicates with them.

  • I hear you. I can't imagine having an EP who is a poor communicator. My EP is leaving the hospital system where he has worked for the past 2 decades. I had emailed him about something and he emailed back, "Call me, I have something to tell you" and so I did and he told me where he is going. Turns out it is another community, with a brand new state of the art cardiac dept. I had seen them advertising that they are now a center of cardiac excellence. He quickly Googled to see how far it was from my house and it is a 42 minute drive. Not much different from where he is now, so I am making the switch. Still a little stressful, but he gave me his new cell phone and new email so the transition should feel seamless for me. Thank goodness! I would hate to switch.

  • You EP sounds fantastic. I have the same EP as Jeanjeanie and had my 2nd ablation on the 30th June with no follow up appointment.

  • Thank goodness you can stay with your lovely EP. The very first time I went to my EP, just after I'd gone in to see him a colleague of his put his head around the door and said, 'Are you ready'. My EP replied, '2 minutes'. My EP then put forward the suggestion that I have an ablation, well I had not expected that and at that time had no idea what is was. I asked a few questions and then he said, 'Would you like to go away and think about it, as we're only allocated 10mins per patient'. I was absolutely stunned and very rarely suffer in silence, but think I was in shock from the idea of having a procedure carried out on my heart.

  • OH, I hope your EP isn't leaving the hospital I have an appointment for on 22nd September, SRMGrandma. Do you mind letting us know where he was? I booked my first appointment for a hospital with an EP, an hour away from me, as I knew (from this site) that I would need to see an EP if I was going to get the help I need.

  • I doubt it, Clanmaggie, as my EP is in Pittsburgh, Pa., across the pond from the majority of friends on this site.

  • I'm pretty lucky too, I am my cardiologists computer guy so I have his personal number, last time I went into AF he was in Bali on holiday, I messaged him and he Skyped me for a chat, organised scripts through one of his partners, and rang me when his plane landed back in town to arrange for an appointment the following day.

    The best bit is when I am working on his computers I bombard him with heart questions the whole time :)

  • Crumbs, you lucky thing. That's amazing! I don't think anyone could top that.


  • So great to have such easy access!

  • Jean, my GP practice sounds like yours - When I ring (early) I may not always get a particular GP but then again I like them all. If all appointments are gone for that day there is a walk-in facility from 8.30 - 10.30am every weekday where you wait your turn. When I had my first afib episode my daughter dropped me off, I saw the GP and was diagnosed within the hour. The whole place has a friendly buzz about it.

    I am well aware how fortunate I am and really feel for those of you who have to fight to even see a GP.

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