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First episode of AF since my post last week (25 years of Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation)

Good day all

I thought I would update you on my situation.

I was very grateful to all who responded to my long post describing very briefly the ups and downs of my years of PAF and how pleased I was to find this forum. (Particularly as I am not a fan of other forms of social media).

As the title of this post suggests I have just had yet another of my regular AF episodes which kindly woke me up at around 03:20 last night (UK time). I decided to take the following morning's dose of Flecainide and 1.25Mg Bisoprolol plus one extra 100mg of Flecainide. I take Flecainide in the evening and in the morning.

When I woke this morning I was still in AF.

Following my normal routine in such circumstances I continued to rest in bed for an hour and then got up and watered the hanging baskets. The AF was giving me all the usual horrible symptoms which make life so difficult for me at such times so eventually I decided to lay down on my bed and rest again. I later took one more Flecainide and Bisprolol. The 'extra pill in the pocket' theory is fine in principle but timing is so difficult for someone like me who is already taking the drug. For those who only take the Flecainide as a 'pill in the pocket' the fixed dose recommended by the doctor is fine as there is no residual drug in your system already.

The welcome constructive comments and responses from other members following my first post were really welcome. Having taken on board the advice regarding breathing and Ectopic heart beats in recent days I have used this technique and I think that it did make a difference.

So whilst waiting for my heart to respond to the extra flecainide I decided to do the breathing routine and did my utmost to relax and empty my brain as much as I could. Taking "Kodaska" (Dave)'s advice I also tried my level best to look at the situation in as positive a light as possible and silently repeated the mantra "it has always gone back into rhythm before" (either by my efforts or by Cardioversion).

At 10:45 bingo I was back in NSR and apart from the usual nausiating symptoms I have because of the drug "overdose" I am now very pleased that yet another episode is over.

During the time I was in AF my negative thoughts were fuelled by the fact that I know I have a long dental appointment on Friday under sedation and also a week today we are off on a week's holiday to Italy. So of course my mind was doing overtime with all the what ifs.

Thanks again to all who offered advice on dealing with AF it has been a great help as has talking about it.

Best wishes to all


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Thank you for your post Pete, I am sorry to read that you had an uncomfortable night, but glad to hear that you are back in NSR now, and that the methods advised helped you.

I notice that you mentioned you have a dental appointment later this week, please do not forget to mention to your dentist that you will require adrenaline free anaesthetic.

I hope that you enjoy your holiday in Italy!

Regards - Rachel


Thanks Rachel

I really appreciate the advice.

In fact I had a terrible experience with anaesthetic - with adrenaline many years ago where the dentist must have hit a vein in the joint of my jaw. I had the most awful palpitations much worse than normally the case with my AF. This did not suit my heart at all.

I have been with my current dentist for 10 years who fully understands the issue and there is a BIG note on my file ADRENALINE FREE ANAESTHETIC.

I, like you, think that not enough people realise this.

Best wishes



Good to hear that you managed to get your heart back into rhythm Pete. Do you normally take 50mg flecainide x 2 daily. I was told never to take more than 300mg a day, were you told the same?


Hello Jeanjeannie

No I am on 100mg flecainide x 2 daily. So as I said it is so difficult to get the 'extra' right as it depends on timing and what you call a day. So for me I have only taken 300mg 'today' and will not take any more until tomorrow morning.

The way I see it is firstly do not take what I say as advice, what is clear from the forum is that everyone is different. You must be guided by your doctor only!!



Thank you for the update Pete and it's great that the breathing regime helped with the ectopics. I found that because it helped the first time, I became more relaxed at the next bout and - it worked again.

Positive thoughts definitely help so try to look forward to a great, relaxing holiday. Best wishes too, for the dentist - that too shall pass.

Enjoy your holiday and try to forget about AF.

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Thanks Finvola

Yes, hopefully having had AF today I won't get it next week fingers crossed.


Hi Pete, I would just add the mental side is big (Vagus Nerve) so you need to build on what works for you i.e. breathing and positive thought even when you are fine so when you have another episode you are in a stronger position. It is very easy I find to be complacent when well and postpone lifestyle stuff but that is an opportunity missed to focus on it. Just treat breathing exercises etc as another 'pill' you have to take each day. Italy fantastic!


Thanks for your support and advice - much appreciated.


I have had PAF for about 20 years. It became more frequent about 2 years ago and then I started taking flecainide. After a year of trying to alternate between daily doses and PIP I had an ablation which seems to have worked.


Glad ablation has been successful for you always good to hear of a good outcome.

As you may have read in my post last week I am due to have my 5th ablation in 5 weeks time. I am hoping that this time it will be a success.



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