So frustrated

Had an ablation may 2015 and dec 2015..... Have been in nsr and loving it, by February came off all meds except for Xarelto. As at one point back in 2014 when they wanted to do a cardioversion I had a blood clot in my heart found my the tee.

On June 27th I had to have a tooth extracted, no one ever told me to make sure they didn't use a topical anesthesia with epinephrine ...well 3 shots later and five hours later I keep going in and out of AFib.....

I am so freakin frustrated and it's stressing me out even more.

Already have a scheduled appointment on the 12th with my EP...but anyone have any insight or suggestions

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  • Oh Terri, that's really frustrating for sure. Maybe you need some rhythm meds to get back into NSR. Hopefully your EP will have good suggestions. Meanwhile try to stay as relaxed as you can (I know....easier said than done) Keep us posted. We are thinking good thoughts for you.

  • I still have a bottle of flecinade .....I know many use it as a pill in the pocket, what dosage do you take?

  • Not that we should ever suggest a dose here since we are not medically trained but my PIP dose was 300mg and no more for 24 hours.

  • Bob, I understand that if you are on regular daily doses of flecainide, you should also be taking a beta or calcium channel blocker. Do you know if that applies if it is being used as a PiP?


  • Sorry John years ago for me . I stopped flec in 2005!

  • Hi TerriN, exactly the same thing happened to me, had a tooth extracted and that evening back in AF even though I pointed out to the dentist about injection not sure what was used. Unfortunately I did not go back into SR and am an having 2nd ablation on 29th July. Hope you manage to get yourself sorted asap. Best wishes.


  • Could you ring the hospital where you had your ablation and ask to speak to the AF nurse there. She can then talk to your EP and advise you on taking Flecainide.


  • I can imagine how you feel having just had my ablation! Not sure which month as today is the 12th but I was told to get in touch with the Arrythmia Nurse if I had any problems. Best wishes, John

  • So I spoke with EP, disappointed to go back on meds but going to take 50 mg twice a day of flecainide .....for a weeks time then go for an EKG next Wednesday. And then a follow up appointment on August 12th, which would have been my 8 month follow up after ablation and if I had been AFib free he would have released me to the care of just my cardiologist . Disappointed in this all because of a tooth extraction , makes me even more nervous as I need to have orthoscopic knee surgery this fall. I simply want to cry but won't let my family see how discouraged I am. Since December I have been walking 3-5 miles a day lost 24 pounds so far and trying to eat so much healthier ( very low sugar and carbs) and I am rewarded with this. I really don't want to go thru a 3rd ablation, so this just needs to settle down...please dear god

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