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So greatful to you all


Hi everyone, just like to say what a great site this is. All your replies have lifted my spirits no end. At 71yrs old (but so much younger lol ) it's changed my look on AF. Back to work tomorrow.

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Happy we could help. Take it easy now. Well done.

Hi Redders,

Welcome, and take it easy now as BobD has already said.

Kind Regards



Good for you! Wishing you a happy heart as you go back to work!

Hi Redders - you must be delighted you've done so well after your 2nd Ablation ! I'm now on Guy Haywoods waiting list for my first Cryoablation for PAF - I'm terrified to say the least - best wishes Cathy

Redders in reply to Trilby8

Hi Cathy, don't be too worried about your ablation if you have full anaesthetic you don't know anything about it. How long have you been on the list cos it took 9 months for me to be done.

I only saw him 10 days ago he said it would be 9-12 months and would be sedation for Cryoablation urghh !! He did say he wants me to get started on anticoagulants for a month before but to start asap in case he could get me in sooner. Did you have Cryoablation ? Cathy

Redders in reply to Trilby8

To be honest I don't know. Just a catheter ablation where they scar around the heart. For someone who has had AF for nearly 20 years I'm still not sure of all the technical / medical terms. The ablation you're having. Is that where they freeze around the heart ?

PeterWh in reply to Trilby8

I would get started ASAP for two reasons. Firstly you will be anticoagulated sooner which in my view is important. Secondly the taking of warfarin may not be so easy - it is for 99% of people but I was amongst the 1% who had problems. At the end of Nov 14 it was agreed that I would go on ablation list. Told to start warfarin 6 weeks before date when I got the letter giving me ablation date. I contacted GP straight away to get the referral to the Anticoagulation service for this area (covers 4 hospitals) for both the reasons and also so I could be in line for a cancellation. Saw lead Anticoagulation nurse about 7 to 10 days later and he suggested starting the first day back after the new year because of needing 2 or 3 tests a week initially. Started on Mon 4th Jan. However INR went all over the place. After about 4 weeks told to stop all green vegetables and salads but still had big swings. Only given 2.5 weeks notice of ablation for the end of March. I certainly did not have the required 4 weeks in range (2.5 to 3.5). On the morning of the ablation was only 2.2. Fortunately EP was pragmatic and realistic so gave heparin boost and went ahead with ablation because as he said I could still be having problems in 3 or 6 months time. BTW quite separately it was found from genetic testing that I had some intolerance to warfarin.

The moral of the story is start early because you just don't know!!!!

Trilby8 in reply to PeterWh

Hi PeterWh - the consultant wants me to be started on Apaxiban one of the newer anticoagulants - I was on Warfarin years ago following a pulmonary embolism at that time I didn't have any problems with it. At least with the more recent drugs you don't need yo have blood monitoring done. Cathy

Yes Redders it's the freeze procedure which he said is quicker therefore more suitable for sedation

Redders in reply to Trilby8

Ask for a double dose of sadation.

Don't you worry I will - Dr Haywood promised they'd give me Valium before they gave any sedation when I told him I was very anxious about the procedure !

Redders in reply to Trilby8

Oh that's good, you won't know much about it then. Doctor Hayward is a good guy when you can get to see him. do you live in Plymouth ?

No I live near Truro but did live near Liskeard until 5 years ago so was aware of Dr.Haywood at Derriford and his good reputation. I have seen two cardiologists in Truro very nice but was told they did very few if any ablations - you definitely need to be operated on by an experienced consultant don't you ?! Cathy

Definitely, and I think dr Hayward is one of the best. Southampton is another hospital I would trust. I think dr Hayward was trained there

Thanks Redders that really reassuring to know

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