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Hi all don't want to confuse you

Hi all don't want to confuse you I was on the forum before as R1100S but something seemed to go wrong with my account.

The AF is different to last time as it's now the type that comes and goes. It can last a week or two and seems to fade away (or is it I get accustomed to it?)

Downside is you get the panic breathless etc repeating at each event.

Last time I had it the nurse discovered it and the electric shock worked for a couple of years.

See specialist late January


Asthma, hypertension etc all seem normal

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Hi R11,

That would be paroxysmal AF, I'm thinking? How often are you getting attacks now? Hoping your doctor has you on the right tablets and good luck with the specialist.



Nice motor,that, RS1100! Quick. Hope you get sorted soon, Good luck.


Hi attacks are irregular sometimes a couple of weeks apart

This session lasted five days so far but not as intense as when started :)

The bike ! Ace



Since my last reply I have remained in AF !

Usually bumbling along in a strange random pattern and then outbursts of fast heartbeat.

Is AF different in every case ?

Consultant on 31st jan


Mine's changed from AF to something else, ectopics/don't know, I asked my EP what to call it and he just said arrhythmia but I'm still listed as AF. Hasn't been too much of a problem but do need to be on the right drugs. I'm due for my third type of drug tomorrow and just hope it works without bad side-effects this time.

I had constant AF 10 years ago, then ablation, it went 100% for 8 years, then came back slightly so booked in for another ablation by which time it had gone completely so they couldn't do anything. They even tried stimulating the AF whilst I was on the table to no effect.

Tricky little swine is AF.

My EP is probably going to do an EP Study on me to see what's going on.

If you're seeing your EP (assume it's an EP?) soon then don't, like me, forget to write down what you feel and any questions.

Good luck



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