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Feeling rough again

Little bit of an update, had ecg done to check that my new meds (sotalol) were not playing with my heart rythem but the ecg came back in sinus rythem but the nurse did say it was fairly unsettled !!!.

I have been trying to reduce my workload at work and stay stress free (it won't work for long I'm a manager in retail) but did a stupid thing today and chased a shoplifter out of the store and after running about a hundred yards I thought my chest was going to explode lots of aches and pains and I generally felt awful for about an hour.

I was under the impression that when I was diagnosed with paroximal af I would still be ok between attacks, clearly not as it seems that any excursion makes me feel really bad.

Had angiogram and echo done last year and all came back ok has anyone else had this feeling ?.

As always I try to remain positive and not look to concerned in front of the wife and kids but this condition gets the better of me sometimes.

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Only a personal opinion, but sotalol made me feel terrible. I also got an increase in episodes of PAF from roughly every six weeks to every two weeks.


It sounds like the shoplifter incident raised your adrenaline levels to the point where your heart starting misbehaving and it took time for your system to return to normal. I also have PAF controlled by Flecainide and I try to avoid anything which stimulates adrenaline. (Not always possible as even a very noisy, over-excited Eddie Murphy film started my heart racing.)

Reduction of anxiety and stress are essential with AF - can you delegate more, find ways to take 5 minutes out to breathe and relax, alter working practices to suit you and your needs within your responsibilities? I found it helped me when I was working to analyse my whole approach to my job and pinpoint the stress factors which could be handled differently - either by delegating to other people or by changing my methods.

I know what you mean by keeping up the brave face in front of the family but that is good only from a point. It is stressful in itself to constantly keep the brave face going - especially when you feel like rubbish and it does help to have adult family support at such times - just a thought.

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