Ectopics when stood up

Ectopics when stood up

Sorry for so many posts last few weeks!

Quick question, I'm experiencing a strange thing today. Every time I stand up I start getting ectopic beats every 4 or 5 normal beats (confirmed on my Alivecor) then as soon as a lie down they stop. Stand up they start again. Lie down the stop! Very weird has anyone experienced this or know what could cause it? My BP doesn't change from standing to lying. I had my ablation 2 weeks ago so it's probably another weird part of the healing!

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  • Similar - after my second ablation - also when I tried to exercise for about 3 months and also when I overdid things, though I didn't think I had!

    Listen to your body, have a day resting and see what happens tomorrow. It will probably vagal related. Your could try the 7/11 breathing technique - breath in for count of 7, hold and slowly exhale for count of 11for 5 mins.

  • I had these PVCs after my second ablation too, so annoying. Even when I leant forward, lifted up my left hand and exercised. They gradually eased off after a few weeks, but still get them when tired, not eaten enough etc. I suspect inflammation is still around your heart and this irritates the nerves around the heart too....

  • You post prompts a question. I'm not sure what an ectopic beat looks like on the AliveCor. As I understand it, it mostly identifies AF. I also think I'm having ectopic beats, but the Alice or only reports "normal". Is there something I can look for in the ECG itself?

  • I paid the £5 to get a professional opinion and they came back with the report, see above I have attached a screen shot to my post. Basically it said multiple atrial ectopics that were also in triplets/salvo meaning more that 3 in a row.

  • I've had these. Looks like you have a regular pattern of one normal beat followed by an ectopic. Mine were exactly as you have stated; begin on standing/ stop on laying down. I thought they were going to turn into something worse but they disappeared on their own.

    I'm not sure but I probably did what I usually do on these occasions and took another couple of magnesium citrate supplements.

    Are you taking Magnesium or if not have you thought about it? I'm a fan.


  • Hi Pat

    Everyday I'm having a different experience of ectopics and dropping in and out of AF. It's been 4 days none stop so far, if anything the anxiety is dropping away now and I'm just telling myself and hoping it passes soon.

    Yes I've been taking magnesium for a while now, doesn't seem to be doing much this week.

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