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First one

Well after my diagnosis just over a year ago, been doing well, my anxiety and worry has subsided due to me now learning and knowing more about this bloody thing called AF,

As I'm Welsh I'm a huge rugby fan, played for best part of 20 years, and I read an article about an up until recently Welsh and British lions player who developed AF, he has had an ablation, but chatting to him on Twitter I decided today to go for my first run since my first episode last year..... Other than a few missed beats it felt good.... Aching now though...... Onward and upward👍👍👍

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I too have PAF. I have found no major issues running - use a chest strap and keep your pulse sensible - start slow walking and build it up. I try to exercise at around 70% of max heart rate - which is 220 less your age. Exercise is supposed to help with AF.


Running is great! But if you are on beta blockers etc your heart will not follow the "old wives rule" - max HR = 220 - age! Using a heart rate monitor will however help you get to know your own "normal" HR and check if you experience AFib. If you do have an episode when running stop and walk home.


Hi Jugsy, I remember your first posts, so good to hear you are doing OK and well done on the run, we always like positive posts as I think it really helps the newbies.

Best wishes and keep on running,......... CD


CDreamer has said just what I was going to say - so glad you are more at ease with it now.

The running sounds like a positive move. Thanks for letting us know.


Good for you. Everyone is different.

I am running too. I did used to run a fair amount previously but my first episode of AF and maybe the meds i was on meant i couldn't run while in AF.

After a cardioversion and a period of the odd gentle run I got roped into a splinter parents group at my sons running club back in October. Started off with some trepidation, but now i am starting to get back into my groove again

I must admit i experienced an AF episode about 3 months ago which led me to visit A&E for a chemical cardioversion.

A week later i was back at the running club and fingers crossed for any future episodes

Following my A&E visit i was referred to a cardiologist again. We have agreed to try the Pill in Pocket approach due to the infrequency of my episodes


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