success at last

success at last

I was seen by my EP yesterday and he has booked me for an ablation on the 27/9/16 before that in July (hopefully) I have a cardioversion booked and the EP says that the type of ablation will depend on the outcome of the cardioversion. I am at the moment exhilarated and terrified, even when he highlighted the down side with the statistics for death (1/1000)and stroke (1/200) although these are something to seriously consider my quality of life is such that I will take those risks. Cali111

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  • Good news. Well done. You will be fine.

  • Mine was brilliant and worked very well. Good to have such an early date.


  • Go for it Cali 111. Grasp the opportunity so that you will never live with regret. I also got to the stage that life wasn't much fun when AF could, and did, strike without warning.

    Help yourself by staying calm and going with the flow. I promise you that there are worse things than ablation. If you want to message me privately then please do.

  • Hi Cali,

    I know I was concerned when I saw those stats but don't forget that those unfortunate folk more than likely had other medical problems that made having the ablation more risky in the first place. I have just had an ablation ( 13/6/16) and was very apprehensive but it all went well and fingers crossed the AF is sorted and if not I would be much less anxious on a second one. Of course it is natural to feel anxious but the worse thing that can happen is that it doesn't work but chances are it will!

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