Long train journey ahead!

Right.....off on much needed holiday on Monday.....will involve a long train journey, leaving St Pancras at 09.00 and arriving Avignon at 17.00, with an hours break at Lille.

I know trains aren't pressurized like planes, but guess I should still get up walk around and/or flex the ankles every so often?

Also fingers crossed all goes smooth......what with Euro 2016, petrol strikes, train strikes and IS!!!!

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  • I will keep my fingers crossed but Im sure all will be well. Enjoy your holiday.x

  • Stay hydrated and active during the trip, that's what I think.


  • Have a great time. No matter whether travelling (all modes except walking / running!!) or just sitting at home or elsewhere you should always get up and walk around. In fact most people who go to the theatre or cinema just sit in the same position for too long! A tip that a chiropractor gave me years ago was to take your shoes off and every 5 to10 mins do some exercises with feet and toes.

  • That's a long trip. Walk around as you are able, and stay well hydrated, and have fun!

  • Must try it by train, sounds fun. We just came back from Spain by ferry. It broke down before we got on it, so we had to stay another whole week, it was terrible 😃.

    Have a great time.


  • Have a great time WB - trust you've packed your bikini for that swim!

    Left home yesterday at 9.30am and arrived at our flat here in the Algarve at 9pm.

    As you know I had my second ablation 5 weeks ago but as the arrhythmia nurse said - enjoy and have a drink!

    Had a couple tonight - hope it doesn't trigger anything!!

    Have fun and stay safe X

  • I have just returned from a train journey holiday from the UK to Trieste and back with a Brompton folding bike with a male companion. I have had AF since at least 2008 and a single bypass with replacement aortic valve ten months ago. I would not have the slightest hesitation in recommending it as a holiday and doing a similar thing again myself. I am 77 and you simply do it all at your own pace. The pleasure of meeting people on the way, the food and the places we visited were very beneficial. We did not do big mileages but were able to hop on and off trains Italy and see so much. No sitting around in airports with security checks either.

  • I like your easy going attitude......JamesP.........very inspiring!

  • Just back from St Pancras-Lille-Bordeaux. Eurostar was the most cramped as we paid a bit extra for first class on the top deck for the french bit, worth it. As with airports the terminals mean plenty of walking and you may be changing stations in Lille. I would certainly waggle feet and walk about as I got a blood clot in my leg 15 years ago from a 5 hour car journey - but that was no breaks at all and not relaxed like the train.

    Tip: Our train was cancelled in Lille due to strikes but with your ticket pre-booked you can go on the next one even if the ticket office says it is fully booked as they did. We didn't look forward to 6 hours sitting on the floor but there is a train manager on the platform and she sent us to the first carriage which had plenty of spare seats!

    Have a great time, we loved it!

  • Thank you SOOO much for that tip about tickets and reservations!!! Very reassuring (though I confess nothing to do directly with AF.....although i could argue this info has helped keep my stress levels down which is beneficial!!!). We love the TGV.......have booked upper level seats, but if we have to sit on floor then so be it!!

  • How exciting! Epic train journey. If it were me I'd make sure I got up and walked about frequently, drank plenty of water and enjoy the scenery! Have a great time.

  • We do this journey a couple of times a year and have started using the early morning direct train from London to Marseille leaving at about 07:10. Never had any problems, with punctuality or AF. You will probably walk around enough getting coffee and using the facilities. I find it very relaxing.


  • Its the best way to travel in Europe, I have done that journey several times. And as the others say, wiggle your toes, ankles and bottom lots to keep the circulation moving, walk up and down for drinks and comfort breaks...and love Avignon...my fav place in the world. The best restaurant to go to a short drive out of Avignon is lemesclun.com/.

    I have been several times before and after ablations and been fine, just go at your own pace and dont be rushed in the heat!

  • Have a great holiday! It's a shame you're leaving St Pancras so early as the champagne bar upstairs is great! (Assuming you can have a bit of fizz?) The station itself is well-worth a look around if you have any spare time - there was even in indoor farmers' market last time we were there.


  • Thank you everybody, for all your enthusiasm and support!! I hadn't even THOUGHT about hydration......so that has been really helpful!!! Au revoir!! ; )

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