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And we off again

After a 3 day run of af and heart rate bumping along between 32-167 finally took myself off to ae for my usual treatment and what happens just as ambulance pulls up outside doors of ae back to bldy 60 and stays there. They gave me the usual blood tests and sent me on my way home. This is the first long episode (well 3 day one) as gone from episodes lasting couple hours to all day now this one. This one had me literally crawling upstairs on my hands knees but as I do have other cardiac issues which also doesnt help. So Monday going to ring cardiologists secretary and ask if im on ablation list yet as was told in March ill be added to list. In the meantime ill just keep a record of each episode and length as nice doc in ae told me to x

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Oh no how frustrating and upsetting for you. What a mean condition this is. I do hope you are through this episode fully and high up the ablation list asap.

Rest and take care, I really feel for you.


Thanks. I think im just getting bit frustrated now as was meant to have the ablation couple years ago but my other cardiac problems were more severe. Now they not as bad the af more of a problem. Ill get there in the end lol x


Likewise, not too dissimilar to me A&E 4times in past 10weeks, following latest, plus emails to EP's secretary, along with anxious phone calls from myself plus daughter - have now had pre op appointment, plus given date for Cryoablation!! Please, for yourself keep at it, you will get there!! xx


Just an update. Back in again lasting 3 days up to now from Monday 1.45am. Will go back up ae if its not settled in few hours. Rang cardiologists secretary Monday morning but up to now not heard anything.


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