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Exercise with AF

Just been diagnosed with AF, I have the additional complication that I am LMNA positive, which means I am at risk of developing Dilated cardiomyopathy. Very breathless at the moment so find exercise difficult. Desperate to loose some weight and tone leg muscles, any tips on the best sort of exercise will give me results without leaving me exhausted?

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Since LMNA and related cardiomyopathies are such a specific diagnosis I would recommend that you ask your EP to suggest a good cardiac rehab physical therapy course to teach you exactly what is beneficial and how to best get your heart in optimum shape with the constraints of LMNA.


Thank you, I will do. I see my consultant in July and will ask for advice


Ask you medical team about cardiac re-hab as I don't think anybody here should advise on that subject.


Thanks Bob, I was not aware of cardio rehab but will enquire next month at my next appointment.


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