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AF and cardioversion

Hello people's ... hope you are all well!

I have had 2 ablations in the area of the atrium where it's thought iregular electrical activity thought to originate from the pulmonary veins (PAF) first ablation sorted the problem but then AF returned about 3 years later. I've since had a second ablation and after the procedure I was cardioverted back into NSR. post 3 weeks now and AF has returned (a week after the ablation). My medication is bisoprorlol 5mg and rivaroxaban 20mg daily. To be honest the bisoprolol doesn't seem to make a difference. I'm wandering if another cardioversion would be considered before my next consultation in 8 weeks time as I understand the first 3 months after the ablation procedure is considered a "blanking period.

Kind regards and keep well!

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After two of my three ablation , about where you are now, I went into atrial tachycardia with a rate around 140. Cardioversion sorted both occasions out. My EP was very quick to order them when told as he is of the opinion that rapid response prevents the heart from getting used to things. Why not contact your arrhythmia nurse or if you do not have that contact then your EPs secretary. As you say it is stlll very early days but if in doubt do contact your EP team.



Thanks Bob i'll contact the nurse and see if they can slot me in before my next consultation .

Thanks again bob for the advise


This has happened to me after my first Ablation a month ago (though it seems like a faster AF than I had before). How long after the Ablation will they consider a cardioversion?

How long after the first ablation will they consider a second ablation?

Feeling very down about this.

Were you with Richard Shilling?


Since it takes at least AT LEAST three months for the heart to heal after an ablation I would not recommend a second much less that six months afterwards. Mine were all about a year apart.

Richard is big on cryo ablation and this doesn't always fix things with a second RF ablation sometimes being needed to pick up any stray signals from elsewhere in the atrium.

Janet you are still very early days and things may well settled down before long so please don't be down about it.


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