Scafell Pike reached

Only for the sake of encouragement for some I thought i should post that at the weekend i climbed to the peak of Scafell (highest peak in England for overseas readers).

Apart from a few blisters and aching legs i survived with no AF encounters, and that is taking into consideration the celebratory pints of ale quaffed in the evening.

I know we are all different, with different symptoms and triggers, but i always like to read the posts of people who are still able to get on with physically challenging activities

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  • Lucky so and so. In all my fell walking days I never did Scafell as I was usually over the north west of the lakes around Buttermere or Keswick. Did Gable a few times though and Red Pike round to Haystacks and Fleetwith. Lovely area . Shame my knees are -----ed.


  • You've done a lot more than me Bob. This was my first real encounter with the Lakes. I was invited along by some friends and jumped at the opportunity.

    In fact we did attempt the same route in October but had to call it off due to the conditions. We were getting battered by some serious weather, wind, rain & snow. It was probably the weekend that preceded last years famous floods in the area

  • Bravo! Had you been in training, or are you a regular fell walker?

  • Thanks Peddling. No i'm not a regular. I havent been in training for the hills, although i do a bit of running (mostly quite flat).

    Saturday was the start of our current "heatwave" so that took its toll also

  • Wow jondeap

    The nearest I have got it looking at the top through binoculars and that was only the only day without a cloud round the top in months I was told.

    More power to your elbow/knees etc :)

    Be well


  • It's not just the height, it's the long walk in and walk out. Well done!

    Americans might think 3,000-odd feet is not high, but the tree line in the Lakes stops at about 1,000 feet, compared to 10,000 feet in the Rockies.

  • Well done. Big achievement

  • Thanks for sharing this triumph. Congratulations! My husband chose climbing Scafell as a treat for his 50th birthday and when mine came round we followed suit. Given that I was born between Christmas and New Year, it meant parking the car at first light and there were, I thought, some very scary icy patches to negotiate. But such a great peak and a wonderful walk.

  • Good for you. Well done!!

  • Well done! - I'm very envious! I've walked in the Lakes for years - loved it, including the quaffing of a few pint afterwards. And Scafell Pike was a favourite - usually up Grains Gill and back down the Corridor Route, but also from Eskdale/Mickledore. Unfortunately vigorous exercise and alcohol are the two main triggers for my AF now, so sadly I've had to stand by and watch my friends walk up the hills without me. I am gradually building up the exercise though after an ablation last year and am hopeful I can do a bit more, but I do miss a beer! I'd be interested to know how you avoided any AF encounters?? Nigel

  • Nigel, I guess I may be one of the "lucky" ones. I've only had 2 episodes of 'full on' AF that needed hospital intervention. I haven't nailed down what my triggers may be, but I have been able to carry on with exercise & a night of ale every now and then

  • Good for you - I'm pleased that you can carry on as before.

  • Hi Jonde,

    I love my exercise - walking and body surfing are my favs - my PAF,however unpleasant, comes and goes regardless of my exercise regime - I'm 69 now and refuse to let the AF rule the roost although at the most inconvenient times it appears and is a thorough pain in the bum.



  • Musetta,

    Its good to see people with AF that are still able to get on with things that they enjoy


  • :)

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