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they know best the are doctors

had a bit of a sort out with our new doctor she has reduced my heart pills back to the hospital dosage as the pills don't work

she has said she wont refer me for rehab until I see the hospital in sept even though the cardiac boys have said go ahead

last but not least I mentioned that I fancy a pacemaker/ ablation she stated its not

done for what I have , god help us

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Just checked and you said 2 days ago that your September appointment was about having an ablation. Did your GP not realise? Has she had no feed-back from the hospital?


she s waiting as she has asked to have it brought forward, but she chased me to book a rehab course the rehab said I could not do it as they released me off the books they can only hold a spot active for so longa year is to long

I tried to get the appointment pulled forward and they offered me one in November so she referred the letter still waiting

I told her today I cant do a spiro test withought coughing thanks for the reply


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