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March 14 diagnosed PAF, well been very lucky, just two A & E visits, and last was last June, always gone into NSR on my own, take warfarin (stay in good range) , what I need to know is about pill in pocket (metoprolol) only taken one in the two years, just last few days heart has started thumping hardened missing odd beat, I took metoprolol the once when pulse was 184. Beats, will it help with these ectopic thumps? Keeping me awake, also only seen cardio registra once, never asked to see again? . Amy advice gratefully received, I know I should maybe ask Gp for EP referral, ours is long way from here

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  • Only realistic option is to get a referral to an EP. At the end of the day your health is important and important to see the right person. If it is further away an inconvenience but not insurmountable. Make a day trip of it seeing somewhere else if only for tea!!!!

  • Thank you

  • phone 111 have a chat with the doctor and he will send you to a and e

    it will take ages for you to get a referral I wake up two or three times a night with my heart hammering but not at the rate you are talking about you are well into the red zone, the doctor can call an ambulance on blues and twos .but don't just suffer

  • No 184 was first attacks couple yrs ago, it's just bumpy now, just wanting to know if beta blockers help

    Thank you

  • I can only speak from personal experience here as an ablated (fingers crossed) recovered PAF sufferer.

    My PAF started the same way with one or two events every 6 months. I think I would have taken a 'Pill in Pocket' option for a 184 rate but that said, was rushed to A&E for a 175. The biggest problem is the dilemma given that PAF sufferers can go back into NSR within minutes or in my case, normally at 2 hours. I believe the PIP takes about 20 minutes to take effect therefore you are left not knowing whether it was the tablet or whether a posture change was actually the cure. In reality, I was still getting bouts of PAF when on a daily dose of beta blocker and going through each variety before an ablation. I am inclined to agree with BobD's opinion on PAF, once it starts, the frequency generally increases. What may be good news, is that I had 3 years of infrequent episodes before it started to border on 'persistent'.

    For me, the only drug that stopped AF was Amiodarone and you do not want to go down that path. It's a last resort with a view to an ablation at the earliest opportunity. That said, I am sure that there are many that are lucky enough to keep AF under control with a non toxic beta blocker.

    My conclusion with PAF is that you just have to sit it out or in my case, go for a walk. Who knows whether it worked but it helped to stop me thinking about it.

  • Thank you for such in depth reply, terrified one day needing ablation 😞 you are right about excercise, idid fast 6 mile yesterday and helped, mostly happens in bed, thumping keeps me awake!

  • If you heart is OK apart from the AF and ectopic beats then the more effective "pill in the pocket" is usually flecainide and for most people it has the advantage of no side effects.

    Beta blockers may help if the ectopics seem to be at times of stress or exercise but may actually encourage ectopics (by slowing the heart rate) if they occur mainly at rest.

  • Thank you! Interesting x

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