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Do I need to seek cardiology advice


Hi all.

Last December I had my first cryo ablation for paf. Since then off all medications and seem well. However I noticed although feeling regularyou pulse changes rate so often from normal 70-80 to approx 110 within ainstead or two despite not exerting myself. I go the gym 3 times a week and don't have any problems there. My ectopics are becomng much more frequently also and having runs of themy and can feel bit gemini some times. Is this normal as time progresses or is this a sign that I need a 7 day event ecg again?

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Personally I think that you need a 7 day event recorder again, but I am not medically qualified.

howesgilly in reply to PeterWh

Thanks I suppose I should contact my cardiologist.

PeterWh in reply to howesgilly

Ye (rather than your GP)

Apologies for typing errors. Was on my phone which has random predictive text

Hi Howesgilly,

Sorry to hear this news. I was hoping that the ablation resolved your PAF.

Best Wishes


firstly how are you measuring your heartrate, if its a device are the batteries / power supply reliable, fully charged etc. if not this can give false readings, its certaily worth contacting via phone or email someone in the team that done your proceedure.

if you go to the gym three times a week and dont have any issues, Id say thats good news ...good luck

Checking my pulse myself as notice it's fast or feels different. Can always feel the difference between ectopics and af and just normal. Maybe just not used to the random changes of heart rate as been on medication for a few years and now not on anything but heart rate changes enough for me to feel it and check pulse and notice it's up.

Hi had my ablation in October and although generally I am feeling much more stable (and better)than I did before , I am also getting runs of eptopics and strange feelings and 2 short ( 1 lasted 48 hrs)of what I felt was AF . I saw my EP for my post ablation check end of jan and he organised a 4 week event recorder for April ( so after the blanking period) this showed that a majority of the times I activated the device correlated to normal sinus rhythm but some episodes were supra ventricular ectopics and 1 event of irregular narrow complex tachycardia of 146bpm( that made me feel well weird!) I am seeing the EP end of May to discuss the findings but he indicated on the letter that he wanted to swap my bisoprolol ( which I was on before I had the AF due to having heart disease) to sotolol (flecanide doesn't suit me) hope this helps and that you are not feeling too bad x

howesgilly in reply to Basia12

Thanks. I can't tolerate bisoprolol as it drops my blood pressure too far. Will contact my ep and ask about a 7 day ecg just for piece of mind

Hi all. just a quick update. Ep secretary said get gp to refer for 7 day event so they have done. (Didn't even need an appointment they took my word for it).

Therefore just waiting for the event ecg and see from there. Pretty sure it isn't af and have always had premature atrial beats all my life causing ectopic feelings. It's the random tachycardia and aware I go into bigemeni on occasions too. For the ladies out there, it is worse pre menstrually too therefore hormones obviously play a part......I am probably the only woman out there hoping to have an early menopause (to see if it goes after that!!!)

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