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12 months since 2nd ablation

Hello folks, just checking in. Since my second ablation 12months ago i have got back to a normal life with just the few ectopic beats , I feel very different compared to the last 10 yrs or more. My heart rate has increased to 68-70 ish and I don't feel half as tired as I used to be. My heart beat was always low about 48 when I was in my 20s-late 30s and then 58 resting up to now 54yrs , which I always blamed on my always tired complaint .When sleeping my heart rate would drop as far as late  30 's bpm , I always went to bed  feeling warm, but always woke up very cool ! Seems odd that I now feel hot all night . So at the moment I feel good since my heart beat has got faster, anybody else out there noticed a higher heart rate and feeling better , since ablation ? 

Good to hear the site is being well supported still , I have found it very comforting and helpful over the past couple of years , and thanks again to you all for listening and replying with helpful comments.

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That is very good news for me to hear 4 days away from my 2nd ablation.x


My heart rate is also around high 60s/low 70s since ablation in nov 2013 and feel good.  I just built two good size raised beds and moved a tonne of earth to fill them so as a female of 67 yrs I feel this is great achievement!!

Glad you feel so good so here's to many years of NSR and good health 🍀

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What a success story!

Yes, my heartbeat increased after the ablation and then slowed down a bit, but it hasn't gone back to where it used to be. 


Wow. Everything here is identical to me. Had 5 ablations and have been AF free for 12 months. Heart rate now 65 - 75 resting. Use to be 50-60. Can do physical work comfortably but carefully. I am 57years old and have not felt the cold as much since my heart has increased and settled. Had a few ectopic beats over the 12 months but have now faded to nothing. Great to hear you are good. 


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