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what might be

Been a while since I made a post spent ages bashing my usual ramblings and it all disappeared so hope it dont pop  up twice.

Been involved in the tramping   the streets for this years UK local council elections.

Though I cant seem to do as much as I once did and a little anxiety creps in when I get a touch of the flutters,  Getting a doubling anxious about results night on Thursday  - it’s a long day  - up at 7 and probably not home before 2 am.  I know as the votes pile up (or don’t ) the heart rate will go into overdrive my worry  is what if the electrics go hay wire and this time things don’t come back down .    

Its been quite a challenging few weeks which began with a consultation with the kung man and the heart man a week later.  The respiratory  man was very thorough and I got bak home to a message to ring the hospital and was told that they had booked an echogram for the tum in a few days time which got me all of a doo dah.  Nothing was found not even my spleen or pancreas   -  I assume I do have one of each,

The heart specialist  from Papworth decided that repair work to the heart valve was a not necessary which I suppose is some comfort and he reckons the symptoms can be controlled with the current medication and  cardio-versions as when needed to control the heart rate when it goes really bananas – hmph ! (I had a CV late October) No mention of ablations or the like though

It got me   thinking that the build up to  the various visits got me really worried and the imagination  is in  danger of taking over and we all ned that bit of help and a chat  to get things into the right perspective ,

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It sounds as if you are doing pretty well.  Yes, I'm finding routine check-ups with the dentist and the optician (which never seemed much of a hurdle) are, now that I'm older, a bit more ominous and daunting.

I think we have to see hospital tests as checking to make sure we don't have things that might be lurking and rule them out, not looking for things they think are there.  Perspective, as you say.

I hope the elections will not disappoint.


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