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Question about Ablation

I am 27 years old, 140 lbs, and have been diagnosed with Lone Afib for 6 years now. Had 3-4 episodes around age 21 due to heavy drinking and doing P90X (weight lifting) for a few days which triggered Afib. Had 2 cardioversions and both were successful. Have been on 50 mg Metoprolol & baby aspirin ever since. 

I have not had an Afib episode in years. However, I avoid alcohol, caffeine, any kind of strenuous physical activity, etc. and I must say my quality of life has been greatly effected. I've had doctors tell me they wouldn't recommend ablation because I've only had a handful of episodes and Afib is harder to ablate than say SVT. I just am tired of never being able to do anything fun without fear of an Afib episode. I read all this stuff on here about how Afib only gets worse over time, and also see stuff saying if you're going to have an ablation its best to have it done early to have the best chance of fixing. 

Anyone have any advice for me? Also have been diagnosed with Sinus Tachycardia since age 12. 

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I am 65 and had 2 ablations, the first made everything much worse and the second had complications.  I am very glad I had them as I am now AF free BUT I was having 2-3 episodes a week which sometimes lasted more than 24 hours.  The meds I was prescribed became ineffective and I experienced dramatic drops in BP which put me in hospital several times.  

I am very pro ablation but if I were you, at your age, with such infrequent episodes and a regime, which is obviously working - well done you - why on earth would I want to undergo an invasive procedure which may (but may not) eliminate AF for life? 

There are consequences to all actions and although this is a well known and relatively safe procedure, things can go wrong so for me it is always a risk:benefit analysis and for me the risks would outweigh the benefits - should I be in your position.  

An ablation is not a free pass to abuse your body, AF can return after ablation so view it as a life long condition rather than something that will magically disappear for good after ablation.

Probably not what you want to, but perhaps need to hear.

Best wishes CD


Great post CD! What could I add?


CDreamers post is excellent

It occurs to me that you have not hitherto seen an Electrophysiologist and if you were to see one then he is unlikely to consider that you are suitable candidate for ablation at this stage. It's a 3+ hour procedure that costs £15,000. They won't attempt it unless there is a good chance of a successful outcome.


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