Af starting to come thick and fast

Last night I had my forth attack of af this year . Done as my cardiologist said took 300 mg of flecainide and tried to go to sleep (easier said than done) with not being on any anticoaglates I can tell you the fear factor really kick in. And once again I find myself in work totally shattered and a sore chest. Trying to pretend that everything is fine as you do. This is proberly a very common posting so I apologise for that . But what as concern me even more is while in af I had a sensation of blood being pumped in my upper right leg it was a strange feeling which passed with the af but while sitting at my desk in work the pumping feeling as come back. I know we all feel spasms but this is a odd feeling . Any advice would be helpful. I have finally got an appointment with the cardiologist and I hope and prayer they start thinking about ablation sooner rather than later

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  • Can't really advise other than best to speak to a GP.  

  • Seems to have ease off now thank you peddler. Maybe I am getting a bit perniod I suppose it's easy to start relating everything to af . But will get it checked out

  • If you are fearful because you are not anti-coagulated - and I can understand that, why aren't you?   It's your choice, not the consultant's.   Tell him or her, firmly if necessary, how you feel - that you are not at all happy about being unprotected.

  • Hello dj,

    I also take Flecainide as pill in the pocket,300mg when I have an episode.

    I have been on anticoagulant Rivaroxaban coming 2yrs now.What a difference this has made to me,more confident and feel so much safer knowing it will help prevent a terrible stroke while in AF.I also have AF nearly always during the night when it wakes me.

    I wait 10mins as Consultant suggest,take the 300mg and within 20 mins to 2hrs my heart is back to normal.

    I have had PAF for17yrs now and get on with it.

    Keep well and let me know how you get on at Cardiologist.

    Insist on starting a anticoagulant,sap.

    Best Wishes,


  • hi Eleanor, how frequent are your episodes?

  • Hi Eleanor am I glad to receive your reply believe me it as helped me greatly. I have suffer with anxiety since I was 8 years old and I just don't have the coping mechanisms to deal with this. I have finally got an appointment with a cardiologist and will explain my fears . Your symptoms are identicle to mine so you know what it's like being woke up with this nightmare. thank you again for understanding 

  • Hi, it,s horrible to feel so worried as a lot of us know, good positive thoughts are the best thing. Write you concerns down before your consultation. Hope you start to feel better soon, take care.

  • Thank you caznear 

    The trouble with anxiety is you hold on tight to everything that is negitive while struggling to keep the positive in view . But I will continue with my search for some peace of mind. And for my family as I am most likely worrying them with the change in my personality as I'm am normally an easy going fun guy. 

  • being on an anti coagulant has made a huge difference in how I handle attacks - it takes away a good deal of the fear which in turn has shortened the episodes - I could never go to sleep until I was back in NSR - uyou should ask your Cardio re this ?

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