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Ablation finally here

Finally being put forward on list for anablation two year after was originally going to have one. After trips to ae numerous times and the af happening every other day and lasting up to 16 hours its happening. Know ive got other heart issues to sort but this is what I should of had first. Know it might not work and can take time yo show it has but its start. Just need a date now. 

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I hope you don't have a long wait.  It's good when you feel you are starting to move forwards.


Have the confidence that you are giving this your best shot. You cannot carry on as you are and as it's likely to get worse you have to take action.. Even making a decision is empowering and you now have something to aim at.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.


Thanks. I was meant to have this in August 2014 but because other heart issues took priority it didnt get done. The episodes are getting more frequent and longer so that is why im getting one now. The other heart issues even though are still there arent as urgent as was first thought and I was given the choice of having the ablation first then sort other issues out which I agreed. Onwards and upwards again x


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