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Are odd feelings in the night my defibrillator working?

I have a defibrillator and am not sure if this is a silly question but I wonder if anyone can tell me what it feels like when it it delivers a 'shock'? From time to time, usually in the night, I feel as if I have been punched in my chest followed by a wave of feeling moving outwards. At other times I feel a wave of squeezing coming up from my feet! Which feels as if it is pulling me up from my feet to my chest. This all sounds bizarre but it occurs to me that someone might tell me if this is my defibrillator working or just middle of the night getting older feelings. I am otherwise extremely well. Thanks so much.

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There may be  people here with defibrillator, I assume you refer to an ICD, but the people I know with them  dread it happening as it is such a violent  reaction.  Why not speak to the hospital as the device will have a memory which they can interrogate and see if or when it  has activated.


Bob, thank you. It's good advice, I should ask at the hospital. I suppose I haven't because it isn't a violent reaction and I am extremely well. Also, I have my excellent medical treatment in France and will have to think about how I express what is difficult to explain even in English.


I have an ICD and have had 2 inappropriate shocks. I'm one of the lucky ones who do not get the kick in the chest feeling. Mine was like an electric shock which spread from my chest downwards. I also get a feeling like you describe when I'm going into AF. It's like an adrenalin surge.  If you tell your hospital you may have had a shock, they will get you to come in and download the data from your ICD to confirm what has happened. 



Thank you so much, that is most helpful. pjr


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