Slow Heart Rate

So when I woke up this morning, I straight away checked my heart rate, which was hovering between 50-55. I've actually just been doing work in bed since I got up and just checked my heart rate and it went down to 42 at one point!! I haven't taken a Propranolol since yesterday afternoon so I don't think its related. 

Got me really worried, normally my heart rate is too fast if anything. Any idea what could be going on? Anyone else have any similar experiences?

Thanks, Micwal.

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  • Hi Micwal - I think you should call your GP and ask his advice.


  • My pulse averages about 50 but regularly dips into the 40's. My last 24 hour holter monitor recorded a rate of 38 (during my sleep).

    My GP and Cardiologist told me not to worry unless I suffered adverse symptoms (light headed, dizzy etc.).

    If your low pulse rate is causing you concern then perhaps you should consult your GP.

  • don't worry unless you feel faint, my pulse often goes down to 35, with no bad side effects. A high pulse over 115 is something to worry about. This is what my cardiologist advised me

  • Have you been doing more exercise (people on this site tend to) and hence are just getting fitter ?

  • My EP diagnosed the cause of my slow ventricular rate even though I am in permanent AF. May be a good idea to get review with your EP to look at your medication and assess if your slow rate is related to what you are taking? 

  • I've always wondered what bothers people about a low pulse rate unless it makes you feel dizzy or unwell or short of oomph.  My GP halved my betablocker dose a few years ago because my pulse was 40.  It's never been a problem to me, although I had told him my feet were always cold.  However, if your pulse is doing funny things and goes up and down for no good reason, micwal, or if you feel bothered by it then have it checked out.

  • I used to check my pulse all the time and panicked when it went low. My  cardio said worry  and panic makes AF worse and told me not to worry so much. I dont check my pulse any more .I dont worry any more and my AF is very mild and unoticeble

  • I think that's a good way forward.

    We are all different and a low pulse makes some feel wobbly, but I have never had any problem with a pulse in the 40s or slightly lower.  I'm fairly fit but definitely not an athlete.

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