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Angina and AF

I have had AF for the past 3 months. My heartbeat is irregular and about 116bpm. I also suffer from Angina due to a blocked artery and a narrow one. Currently I take Enenapril 10mg twice daily. Rosuvastatin 5mg per day. Warfare, as adjusted by Clinic. Isosorbide 40mg twice daily. Although my medicines have been adjusted about 2 weeks ago my symptoms have remained the same. Not allowed beta blockers. If I exert or am stressed then I get  breathless and feel week. I'm 78 years old. Overweight,  but still manage to play golf twice a week, albeit with a buggy. All suggestions would be welcome.

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Breathless and weakness comes with the territory with AF, I am sorry to say.  We would be unable to give advice as it sounds as though you have more than just AF.  

My only suggestion would be keep on golfing - do as much as you can for as long as you can but pace yourself and take rests in between if you need to, listen to your body and be kind and gentle with it!

My husband continued golfing until very recently (82 next birthday).  He is still very active but normally restricts it to 9 holes at a time now and doesn't play much in the winter months because of terrain.


Many thanks for your reply. I fully intend carrying on. I love my golf, no matter how I play and how bad the weather. In this country there is no choice as regards the latter. lol


Hi Hoppy 77.

Are you sure you aren't my husband??

Like you he was diagnosed with angina and AF early last year. He takes bisoprolol and warfarin. But he still manages to get his 2/3 games of golf weekly, like you, weather permitting

It is good that you are still doing it. No matter what is wrong with our heart exercise is very important.

I also have Atrial Fibrillation, in my case it is persistent and unfortunately I have stopped playing golf and how I wish I had kept my golf going.

By the way I am 77 and my husband is 76 .

He takes


Many thanks for your reply. Don't let the blighters get you down. 


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